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10 Best Sports Photographs | Sports Photography

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Pictures speak a thousand words and so even in today’s world of videos, photographs hold a special place. A picture if captured correctly can convey a message that even a thousand lines of sentences can’t. While videos are obviously more versatile a medium than pictures but the pure brilliance and aesthetic beauty of a still frame is still pretty much in demand. So here we are counting down the 10 Best Sports Photographs.

10 Best Sports Photographs 2016

10. Lionel Messi

10 Best Sports Photographs 2016


At number 10 in our list of 10 Best Sports Photographs 2016 is of Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi, who is usually one of the calmer football superstars out there, lost his cool during Joan Gamper Trophy match against AS Roma. In the picture he is seen grabbing AS Roma defender Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa by the throat.

9. Jose Mourinho

10 Best Sports Photographs 2016


At number 9 in our list we have Jose Mourinho trying to delay the game at a very important fixture. Mourinho as over the years been involved in many touchline scuffles and in this particular match towards the end of the season Liverpool really needed the win to keep their Championship hopes alive. Mourinho apparently refused to give the ball back to Steven Gerrard and in turn delayed the play, which did work in his favor as Chelsea won the match 2-0 and Liverpool’s title dream got shattered.

8. Mike Brown

10 Best Sports Photographs 2016


At number 8 in our list of 10 Best Sports Photographs 2016 we have Mike Brown. Brown is a professional English Rugby player and this picture was after England had beater Ireland at the Six Nation’s Match and earned its first Triple Crown. What makes the picture really endearing is Brown’s emphatic leap while punching in the air in celebration while the Irish players in the background look clearly dejected thus showing victory and defeat in the same frame.

7. Adam Krikorian

10 Best Sports Photographs 2016


At number 7 in our list of 10 Best Sports Photographs 2016 is of Adam Krikorian, the head coach of the United States women national water polo team being pushed into the pool in celebration as the U.S team defeated Netherlands to win gold medal during the Aquatics World Championships in Kazan, Russia. Adam himself is a prolific player who won Olympic gold medal in Men’s Water polo back in 2012.

6. Michal Navratil

10 Best Sports Photographs 2016


At number 6 in our list of 10 Best Sports Photographs 2016 is Michal Navratil a professional diver from Czech Republic performing after the men’s 27m high dive final at the Swimming World Championships at Kazan, Russia wearing a red cape a la Superman. He has been in swimming competitions from age five and swan in nationals winning 2nd prize in 50 m Butterfly race. Later, he took to high diving career and this particular jump is among his more popular ones.

5. Malcolm Butler

10 Best Sports Photographs 2016


At number 5 in our list of 10 Best Sports Photographs 2016 is Malcolm Butler, who before the match was an unknown rookie but by the end of the match he became a hero of a Super Bowl. Butler is a first-year corner-back for the New England Patriots. In match where Patriots had given up all hope, Butler’s interception turned the game around for his team.

4. Margarita Mamun

10 Best Sports Photographs 2016

Margarita Mamun,

At number 4 in our list of 10 Best Sports Photographs 2016 is of Margarita Mamun performing at Hungarian Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup tournament 2015 in Budapest. Margita, a Russian-Bengali Rhythmic set the stage on fire by winning the World All Round silver medal and also gold medal for her country in the Team All Round.

3. Victor Espinoza

10 Best Sports Photographs 2016

Victor Espinoza,

At number 3 in our list of 10 Best Sports Photographs 2016 is of jockey Victor Espinoza atop his American Pharaoh as he wrote history by becoming the 12th rider ever to win the Triple Crown and first rider in 37 years to get this title. He moved from Mexico to America with absolutely nothing and worked his way up to become one of the high profile riders in America. He is the only Latino jockey to conquer the Triple Crown and at 43, the oldest as well.

2. Floyd Mayweather

10 Best Sports Photographs 2016

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

At number 2 in our list is the picture of Floyd Mayweather during his bout with Manny Pacquiao. This bout was dubbed as “Fight of the century”, between five-division world champion Mayweather and eight-division world champion Pacquiao. This historic bout was on papers from 2009 but finally happened in 2015 and it was the highest grossing fight in history and was also the most watched boxing match. The match was won by Floyd Mayweather by a unanimous decision.

1. Sepp Blatter

10 Best Sports Photographs 2016

FIFA President Sepp Blatter

At number 1 in our list of 10 Best Sports Photographs 2016 is Sepp Blatter’s image of being surrounded by banknotes. The disgraced Fifa president was having a press conference where he announced he won’t stand for another term as Fifa president in the new elections after having resigned earlier this year. During this, an English comedian Simon Brodkin walked to the center of the stage and placed a bundle of fake US dollars and said “This is for North Korea 2026”. Just as Sepp signaled the security to take him away, Simon threw the bundle into the air which rained down on Sepp.

Sports Photography

These pictures show some of the most important events that happened in the past year in the sports world. The pictures in this list of 10 Best Sports Photographs are not only here because they are good in terms of photography but because of the background story each of these convey, from embarrassment to pride and from victory to defeat.

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