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10 Best WWE Signature Moves in the world (Photos & Videos)

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It is almost always about the Finishers or the rank of the greatest Finishers of all time. And of course, the Finisher is the most dangerous move up a wrestler’s sleeve. But sometimes, the Signature is even more impressive than the Finisher itself. And not only just male wrestlers but some of the greatest female WWE players are also known for their amazing flagship moves. Here are 10 Best WWE Signature Moves loved by the fans.

10 Best WWE Signature Moves in the world

Rock's WWE Signature Moves

Best WWE Signature Moves of All Time

So, what are the best wrestling moves around the world and exactly how lethal are they? Let’s take a look at the 10 Best WWE Signature Moves in the world.

Brock Lesnar: F-5

wwe wrestling moves list

Lesnar’s F-5 is a gracefully brutal finishing move among the WWE wrestling moves list. Often, it is rather the simplest wrestling moves that have the most impact. Starting as what looks like a simple fireman’s carry, the move suddenly turns violent. It’s when Lesnar whips his opponent around and has them land on their face that it looks lethal. When Lesnar, one of the richest WWE stars, left WWE in 2004 and wrestled in Japan, he wanted to take the move with him there. WWE owned the rights to its name (though not its usage), and Brock had to rename it. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the top additions of the 10 Best WWE Signature Moves in the world.

The Undertaker: Old School

Undertaker wwe top 10 moves

Old School is perhaps the greatest Signature move in the entire history of the WWE. It sums up everything about The Undertaker to the fans. He’s superhuman, brutal, and unusually agile for a man of his size, and without any doubt one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. The Undertaker’s grace has always been the feature that rather snuck up on his opponents. After all, you don’t expect a man that massive to move quite like he does. You certainly don’t expect him to guide you by the arm. He does so as he walks across the top rope like a trapeze artist for the setup of this manoeuvre. And in spite of its delicate balance, Old School has been a part of every major match throughout Undertaker’s career and definitely best of the undertaker signature moves. A well-deserved addition to our list of 10 Best WWE Signature Moves in the world.

Randy Orton: RKO

wwe signatures has Randy Orton's move listed

This WWE signatures move has etched Randy Orton’s name in WWE history books, and also made him one of the best WWE stars of 2016. It made him one of the most volatile wrestlers in the arena due to the uniqueness of the of its execution. Being primarily a finisher, the RKO has been the key move of Orton in to counter any move from the opponent. The RKO has been phenomenal in his meteoric rise among the WWE ranks. He put the likes of The Phenom, The Undertaker and even the cult figure of Hulk Hogan to sleep. In this move, he waits until the opponent is standing up and facing him. Then he jumps towards his opponent while turning around, catching the opponent’s head, leaping into the air and then slamming him onto the mat.

Daniel Bryan – Busaiku Knee

Daniel possesses one of the best moves in wwe

Bryan is a master technician within the ring. Before Chris Jericho and CM Punk, it was Bryan Danielson that fans referred to as Best in the World. It was back when he was in Ring of Honor and he is only getting better since then. Bryan brought out a move made famous by ironically one of his greatest opponents. The Busaiku Knee was a signature move of KENTA, now known as Hideo Itami. It was the perfect move for Bryan to put away even John Cena. Now, he has his a move that he can hit out of nowhere, but also set up in the corner with a huge cry of YES! YES! YES!

Sheamus: Irish Curse

Irish Curse is the greatest signature move

Sheamus executing the lethal Irish Curse

He is currently going through a career renaissance. After being pushed too hard and too quickly as a monster heel, Sheamus has returned to the WWE with an impressive new look and a more aggressive attitude. His usual Finisher, the Brogue Kick, looks pretty brutal, but the Irish Curse is more so. It’s a weird cross between a Rock Bottom and a backbreaker. And it’s rather surprising that someone hasn’t received serious injury by it yet. In spite of quite a colourful career, Sheamus’s best signature move is a brilliant inclusion to the list of the 10 Best WWE Signature Moves in the world.

Sting: Scorpion Deathlock

Scorpion Deathlock is one of the best WWE moves

Similar to Dean Malenko’s Texas Cloverleaf and also Bret Hart’s Sharpshooter, Sting’s Scorpion Deathlock is a submission hold. It has left many opponents pounding the mat in pain. With the rival down on the mat, Sting, wearing his ridiculous WWE outfit, would grab his opponent’s legs and twist them around one of his own. He would then step over and turn the opponent’s body. Sting then would sit down on the back of the agonizing wrestler, and add further pressure to the hold to force the submission. No wonder Sting has a lot to claim with his own contribution to the list of 10 Best WWE Signature Moves in the world.

Roman Reigns: Superman Punch

Superman Punch is the best move of Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has stood out as one of the most charismatic, imposing performers of WWE. Reigns€™ Spear is lethal, but its the Superman Punch that is truly his signature move. Adapted from mixed martial arts, and popularized by cult fighters like Georges St. Pierre, it involves efficiently faking a kick before snapping the leg back to give the cross even more power. Reigns have brought the move into professional wrestling with skill and added an extra layer of showmanship. He made it one of the best-looking punches in the sport, and certainly a valued addition to our list of 10 Best WWE Signature Moves in the world.

Sasha Banks: Bank Statement

Sasha Bank executing her signature move in WWE

Sasha Banks is walking, kicking evidence of the benefits of the Performance Center, and one of the sexiest WWE divas of all time. Over the past two years, she has come into her own as the self-confident queen bee of NXT. Not only is she ferocious at playing her character, but thanks to the training of Sara Del Rey, she has an awesome signature move as well. All of her offense looks incredibly crisp and convincing, but it is her finishing move that fans adore. The Bank Statement is a backstabber to begin with. But Banks keeps a strong hold of her opponent and floats over into a vicious crossface. Its a formidable combination. When she has opponents locked up it is only a matter of time before they tap out to The Boss herself.

John Cena: Flying Shoulder Block

John Cena performing the deadliest WWE move

Shoulder Block is the favourite signature of many wrestlers in the ring. It has a wide range of usage to hurt various parts of the body, including the knee. But the energy with which John Cena executes his variation is absolutely incomparable to any of the other modifications. Cena prefers his opponent to be in the middle of the ring for this particular signature WWE move. After he has got him exactly there, Cena ricochets from the ropes and uses his momentum to fly towards the opponent. He hits his shoulders to the opponent’s shoulders or, sometimes, even the opponent’s abdominal part. Usually, although not considered to be a move tried against big wrestlers, Cena’s amazing agility and perseverance has defied all odds. therefore, comparatively big wrestlers like JBL and Jack Swagger have fallen victim to this ravenous move of his.

The Rock: People’s Elbow

The dangerous WWE signature move by Rock

The Rock’s notable finisher isn’t known for doing the most damage, at least by thinking logically. However, it is dubbed the most electrifying move in all of the sports entertainment. Just like John Cena’s Five-Knuckle Shuffle, the Rock’s “People’s Elbow” is used to ignite the crowd. As a fact, he defeated Erick Rowan in WrestleMania 32 with this signature move, which is also a little-known fact about The Rock. Not every finisher in WWE history is used to do the most devastating of moves. Sometimes, the crowd is as important as the move itself. And greatest WWE stars do devastating damage to their opponent while also getting a big response from the WWE Universe.

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