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7 New Winter Sports to Experiment in 2021

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Winter… At this time of year, more and more often we want to stay home, wrap ourselves in a warm blanket, and warm ourselves with warm tea. Sometimes we all do so, but there is little benefit from such a pastime for the body. At any time of year, the body needs fresh air, movement, and activity. A real treasure trove of positive energy you’ll find in winter sports, both in nature and in virtual reality, playing slot machines in 22Bet.

But let’s figure out what sports you should do now outside the house to improve your mood and immunity? 

Alpine Hiking

Whether you call it alpine hiking, alpine skiing or mountain skiing, skiing is definitely off the beaten track. For the past few years, the trend has been off-piste, and this, in all legality. Although the activity can now be practiced in most ski centers, the most adventurous will prefer to climb the snowy summits without ski lifts and beacons

Winter Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding has become very popular in recent years, but would you be brave enough to paddle on icy waters? Just before the water turns to ice, paddleboard enthusiasts don cold water wetsuits and boots with non-slip soles to paddle down the river as the water approaches freezing point. In the summer, it’s SUP-camping that grabs the attention.

The Fat Bike

Riding on snowy trails for several winters already, the fat bike remains a new sport that deserves to be known. Equipped with oversized tires, these winter bikes are accessible to all and are available for rent at a growing number of sites. The best part: you don’t need to be an expert cyclist to appreciate it, since the bike adapts to your speed, even letting you admire the beauty of nature on the trails.


Do you prefer skiing or snowshoeing? And why not a compromise of both! Also called ski Hok, the ski-snowshoe is a hybrid formula that offers great freedom. The advantage? It is faster than snowshoeing but easier to handle than a cross-country ski. Want to try it?

Snowshoe Race

Are you bored with snowshoe walking? Try running! This sport is growing in popularity. This can certainly be explained by the growing number of runners who now wish to train year-round, but also by a wider range of specialized equipment. Even at -20 degrees Celsius, you’ll be warm, guaranteed!

The Snowscoot

Qualified as a snow BMX, the snowscoot is the perfect way to sneak onto the ski slopes. What is in fact a bike frame mounted on a snowboard is certainly not new, but it is experiencing a meteoric rise and more and more ski centers are now accepting it on their slopes.

Some ski centers, even rent them. “It’s not a gadget, but a real competitive sport. It’s also very safe,” says Vincent Brault, who has been practicing it for 15 years. Want to relive the sensations of BMX?

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