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Amazon to bid for Premier League Rights in Multi-million pound bidding battle with BT and Sky

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Amazon is all ready to bid for the Premier League football right in a massive bidding battle worth millions of pounds against Sky and BT. The internet giants are believed to have been in talks about the streaming of Premier League matches online, and this comes as a challenge to both Sky and BT. Amazing seems to have won the right for other sports events like the American football and ATP tennis tour, and are also currently busy making documentaries on the McLaren F1 team and Manchester City. And now their eyes are solely on the Premier League Rights.

Amazon to bid for Premier League Rights in Multi-million pound bidding battle with BT and Sky

Premier League Rights 2018

Amazon to bid for Premier League Rights

However, the authorities seem to be under the impression that top-flight sports will be able to help in drawing new subscribers to their service of Prime TV. If Amazon, as one of the digital giants of America, wins the rights, it will open the doors form some high-amount bids by both Facebook and YouTube. This would lead to a massive profit for the Premier League and will again create massive jobs for some of the best Premier League commentators. They earned over £8 billion from the auctions of their last domestic as well as international TV rights, with billions to be invested by the titans of Silicon Valley.

Amazon will bid for EPL Rights

Amazon will bid against BT and Sky Sports

Amazon have maintained a hush-hush attitude about their possible ambitions regarding the English football scene, but reliable sources have mentioned that they are in discussion with the negotiators of Premier League broadcasting regarding the purchase of UK rights. 200 live matches in each season will be up for grabs when rights for 2019-2022 become available. The broadcasters have seven options of packages to bid for. The entry of Amazon into the auction, which will be held in the next month, is likely to be a massive cause of worries for BT and Sky, who have shown their intention in reining in their expenditure in soccer.


The couple had to take huge financial hits for the purchase of the rights for the domestic Premier League for a massive £5.14 billion in 2015, which was around £2bn more than what they had sold for, back in 2012. And, as a sign that they are not interested to make investments more than this, they have agreed upon a deal to share one another’s channels.

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