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Ashes History – The Most Prestigious Cricket Series (Origin & Records)

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The ashes a rivalry series in test cricket played between Australia and England since 1982 when cricket was not as much popular as today’s cricket. Ashes history dated back to 1982 when at the oval cricket ground England lost test match by just seven runs. A British newspaper The Sporting Times making mockery of their cricket said that English cricket has died for ever after losing such a close match against their rivals the kangaroos. The writer said that English Cricket has been died forever and burnt and the Ashes are taken by Australia. After that English team administration decided to regain the Ashes in this regard the 1st Ashes series was held in 1882-1883 played in Australia. The English newspapers and media relate the series to a title famous at that time the urge to regain the Ashes History.

Ashes History – The Most Prestigious Cricket Series

Ashes History - The Most Prestigious Cricket Series
England won two of the three test match series and Australian women presented a small urn to the English captain Bligh which was name at that time as the Ashes of Australian cricket and then the Ashes gain importance at international level and became one of the most popular series to be played ever in the entire cricket history which is more critical than a War.

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The original ashes have never been the official trophy because it was a regarded as a personal gift to Bligh. But the ashes were hold by the last Victorian until the next Ashes series, but no matter which team won the Ashes the original urn remain in at Lords in MCC museum. After 1998-99 ashes series the crystal type trophy was presented to the Victorian as a symbol of Ashes, and remain with the Victorian side until next ashes begin then the trophy bring to the stadium and the transfer to the next Victorian.

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The Ashes is regarded as the most important series which is comprising of 5 test matches series and must be played once in the 4 year by any one of the rival mostly it is hosted by the country who win the last Ashes. The last Ashes series in 2013 was won by Australia with their winning streak of all the 5 test matches. Australia is leading the Ashes by winning 32 times England followed them having 31 series in their name while 5 series have been reported to be drawn.

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The 1st test between England and Australia was played in 1877, but the ashes start after their 9th test match in 1882 when at the oval cricket ground a low scoring match was played between Australia and England. Australia were only able to score 63 runs in their 1st inning and England lead the 1st inning by 38 runs having a good total of 101 in that deadly stadium. In return Australia scored 122 and the total target was just 85 to win for England over Australia.

But Australians great bowling destroyed the English batsmen when their last men came to the crease they need only 10 runs to win but he could only manage to score two of them. This victory led Australians to their peaks and they were praised all over the England and in the English media and press where they praise the Australian and criticize the English team and their poor performance.

And the match was so much highlighted that the term Ashes was use for the 1st time in press and in public they all said that English cricket became dead and the Ashes were taken by the Australians. After that the English captain Bligh claimed to regain the Ashes during test match series in 1882-83, and he was succeeded by winning the series by 2-1. After this the term Ashes remain silent for more than 20 years but again became popular in Australia in the memories of George Giffen.

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The term ashes became popular in 1903 when Australian captain Pelham took his team to England and said that he will regain the Ashes. The Ashes became the hot topic in Australia and in public and they were quite cruising that whether their team will be able to win the Ashes or not, and finely Pelham won the ashes and after that Pelham decided to write a book in which he sum up all the preparations and ground moments their field work and discussion during the matches. After that several Ashes series were played between the two teams and the series is even more famous than the world cup. Some of the most popular players of the Ashes were Sir Donald Bradman the legend he is regarded as the world best batsman ever played test cricket.

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Different stories about the original ashes were reported by different groups some said that these were ashes of the stump, some other say that these were of bails other said that these were the outer covering of the bail and the most dramatic story was revealed by Darnley’s daughter who claim that these are ashes of her mother’s veil, but now it is believed that these are the ashes contain the burnt bail and very few people disagree with this believe.

Sir Don Bradman scores the most runs in any ashes series with record 974 runs at an astonishing average of 139.14 which is record in the test history.

Harold Larwood and Bill voce were the most outstanding bowlers in the history of the Ashes ever played for both of these teams.

There were total of 314 test matches been played from 1882 to 2013 out of which Australia won 123 matches and England had won overall of 103 matches while 88 of them were drawn. Overall both of the teams have almost equal winning percentage with 32 series won by Australia and 31 by England. Australians have scored 264 centuries while England has scored 212 centuries.

It is a general rule that the winning team will host the ashes for the next time and if the series results in a draw the hosting will be given to the last winning team.

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