10 Most Insane Sports Riots In History

Losing is often difficult to swallow. When someone is not personally involved in the process, it’s difficult to accept that her/his team lost after putting so much hope on them. But it often happens that a city’s team plays for a championship and win or lose, even fans riot shortly after the final game ends. Throughout history, […]

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10 Times Cristiano Ronaldo Did Life-Changing Things For Fans

The popularity of a star footballer can be a powerful way to connect with a wide audience and to transmit public health messages. Cristiano Ronaldo besides being an incredible footballer is an all-around awesome person. Let’s see how Cristiano Ronaldo Did Life-Changing Things. His popularity has given him a unique platform to reach many people and communities. […]

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10 Things I Would Do If I Were Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo needs no introduction but I do. Then again I’m boring but Ronaldo’s intriguing because he’s famous, and rich and a star player. He would most certainly get away with things that common folks like you and I can’t. So if God today, in a lavish mood decide to interchange our lives (mine and Ronaldo’s), […]

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10 Athletes Who Dominated Their Sports Like a Boss

This article explores some of the most talented individuals who dominated the sports they played or are still playing. there some Other Articles Related to This Topic: Cricket Records That May Never Be Broken 10 Unbreakable Records in Sports History Top 10 Most Unbeatable Cricket Records. Brilliant World Records in Sports 10 Athletes Who Dominated […]

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10 Awe-Inspiring Male Body Builders From India (UPDATED)

Bodybuilding dates back to ancient Greece and Egypt. The first recorded large-scale bodybuilding competition was held on September 14, 1901 in London, UK. It was called the “Great Competition” and was adjudged by eminent people like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sir Charles Lawes. In the second half of the last century rise of the use anabolic steroids was criticised by many and […]

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10 Films About Female Athletes | Inspirational Films

For a long time women’s participation in sports as athletes have been almost nil. In the last century, owing to changes in modern mindset, there has been a dramatic rise in female participation in sports, at both amateur and professional level. Likewise the number of films made on female athletes has gone up. Here we […]

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Like Cricket, golf is another gentleman’s game. Historically its origin dates back to the Roman age but in the modern time, its first recorded mention was made in 1457 during the reign of King James II of Scotland. Today golf’s popularity has peaked as never before. A perfect time to make a list of the […]

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