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Barcelona paid €200 Million for Neymar in 2013 in a deal with hidden clauses

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Neymar Jr. had an amazing tenure at Barcelona since 2013, before he left for Paris Saint-Germain at the beginning of the season, as the most expensive football transfer ever. If reports are to be believed, Barcelona paid €200 Million for Neymar, which is almost 245 million dollars, to sign in Neymar, which included his salary. The deal also included several ‘hidden clauses’ for the transfer of the player, according to the reports of Spanish daily, El Mundo.

Barcelona paid €200 Million for Neymar in 2013 in a deal with hidden clauses

Barcelona paid €200 Million

Barcelona paid €200 Million for Neymar in 2013

If this true, then it greatly exceeds the amount of 57.1 million euros which the club is said to have paid for Neymar’s transfer in 2013, or even the estimated amount of 83.3 million euros which was declared later by Spanish authorities, thus probing inconsistencies in this move. Neymar and his parents received the orders to stand trial in this regard, along with Josep Maria Bartomeu, the president of Barcelona, as well as Sandro Rosell who held the same position before him.

El Mundo’s claim was based on the documents that were handed over by Brazilian authorities to the Spanish prosecutors. The Brazilian authorities are seemingly probing the football player, as well, regarding possible tax evasion. It was confirmed to the AFP by a judicial source which refused to be named that the prosecutors had actually received the said documents. But not concrete number was given by this source, and added that the prosecutors had received the necessary documents back in August last year.

The judge in Spain who is in charge of this case has not yet set a date for Neymar’s trial, and needs to make a decision regarding whether or not he can accept the current information available as evidence, considering it was unveiled after the closure of the probe, according to the sources. El Mundo has also claimed that the Brazilian authorities received the documents, as handed to them by the former right-hand person of Eduardo Musa, Neymar’s father.

Neymar Barcelona fees

Neymar was transferred to PSG with record fees

One part of this contract includes the salary of the footballer, which reached 71 million euros before tax within five years. The other part mentions several fictitious clauses which push the amount to 134 million, including an agreement for Neymar to be able to play friendlies with Santos, the former club of Neymar, though that did not took place. Brazilian company DIS, owning 40% of the player’s sporting rights during the time of his transfer, helped initiate the case against Neymar. They claim to have received less than their share as the real transfer fee was hidden by the club, Santos, and the player. If proven guilty, Neymar might receive a jail sentence of two years, and/or fined 10 million euros.

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