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Bhuvneshwar Kumar Would-Be Wife Nupur Nagar Photos & Facebook, Instagram ID

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The star Indian pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar is known for teasing batsmen on the field with his swinging deliveries. Months back Bhuvi did the same with his fans, especially the female fans out there by sharing his cropped photo and captioning it as a ‘Dinner Date Full Pic Soon.’

The 27-years old left his fans clueless with post on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The fans and media outlets took it as a free-hit and started linking his name with various girls around. The Blue Shirts star who is known for the smart moves while bowling somehow made a odd move this time as leaving people speculated about the dinner date was something to ask for controversies and questions.

Bhuvnewshwar Kumar Dinner Date

Dinner date ???? full pic soon ????

A post shared by Bhuvneshwar Kumar (@imbhuvi) on

To be very exact, it was May 2017 when Indian fast bowler shared his cropped photo on social media and people went crazy to know about the luckylady. Even Bhuvi caption ‘full pic coming soon’ but none of his fans were ready to pay any heed upon it.

 Rumor: Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s ‘Mystery Girl’ Anusmriti Sarkar

As fans were eager to know about the better half of the star Indian bowler, one of the media outlet couldn’t hold the pressure and went on linking Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s name with Tollywood Actress ‘Anusmriti Sarkar’. The reliable news outlet even told that both of the celebrities were sen together on a dinner date but there shutterbug nearly missed to capture a clear photo of the couple.

Long story short, the news outlet also claimed that Anusmriti was eying to make her Bollywood debut and for this purpose she was in Mumbai where she met the star Indian cricketer.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar Wife

Bhuvi doesn’t flaunt much of his personal life on social media or screens, taking advantage of this, people also started spreading disinformation about the Indian pacer. The other one to hit after Bhuvi dating Anusmriti was that the 27-years old is already married.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar Statement over dating Anusmriti Sarkar

The bowler known for giving sleepless nights actually knew how to tackle with whatever all is going around. And for this purpose he extended his clearance message over the matter, which put all the disinformation and rumors to rest.

“Whoever going with this false rumour of me dating her”, please note she is definitely not the one you are looking for!! So please stop spreading it.. I myself will introduce the one when it’s time.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar introduces Would-be Wife Nupur Nagar

Here’s the better half of the picture @nupurnagar ????????

A post shared by Bhuvneshwar Kumar (@imbhuvi) on

Finally on 3rd of October, the star bowler decided to unveil his ‘better half’, ‘mystery girl’ or would-be wife to the fans. For this purpose he took on social media and shared the complete version of previously cropped photo along with the caption, “Here’s the better half of the picture Nupur Nagar’.

Who is Nupur Nagar, Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s Girl friend?

As cricketers went on having the relation with some of the girls from film industry, fans were curious to know, whether star born in Meerut had similar plans. But as per all the information Nupur Nagar has nothing to with the entertainment industry, nor she enjoys any kind of celebrity status.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s Girlfriend Nupur Nagar Photos

Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s Girlfriend Nupur Nagar Facebook ID


Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s Girlfriend Nupur Nagar Instagram Account


Watch some of the photographs of Bhuvneshwar Kumar and his wife.

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