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Top 10 Bike/Bicycle Themed Games and Sports (UPDATED)

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Sports Bikes and cars are some of our wildest dreams to possess. Each of these sports is moderately popular among people of a certain age group. Check out these Top 10 Bike/Bicycle Themed Games and Sports.

Top 10 Bike/Bicycle Themed Games and Sports

Top 10 Bike/Bicycle Themed Games and SportsList

Top 10 Bike/Bicycle Themed Games and Sports

Most people are teenagers when they get into bike related sports, but it takes precision and training to make it big. Racing on a bike or a bicycle are two different things but in this list, we bring you the top 10 sports among bike riders as well as bicycle riders since they both are two wheelers.


Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking Is among Best bike themed sports

At number 1 of Top 10 Bike/Bicycle Themed Games and Sports, We have Mountain biking. This is the most popular bike related game in the entire world. The sheer name of this game is enough to pump up the adrenaline in our veins and make us take that one risk. Riding bikes in off-road terrains and rough altitudes is a challenging task. There are special bikes make for the purpose of this sport. They usually contain better grips, gears and friction control. It is one of the Amazing sports for bike riders.

Track Cycling

Track Cycling Is among One of the most popular bike games

Like the name suggest, this is a simple yet difficult sports to master. There are some games which require very less time to learn but a lifetime to master and this is one such sport. Track cycling is similar to cycle Speedway but is different is many other ways. This game truly deserves the number 2 position in this list of Top 10 Bike/Bicycle Themed Games and Sports. It is undeniable one of the Best bike themed sports.

Road Racing (Bike)

Road Racing (Bike) Is among Top bicycle sport

One of the most common among Top 10 Bike/Bicycle Themed Games and Sports, at number 3 …we have bike road racing. This one of the Top bike games that was ever made. As the name suggests, this sport is entirely made for road racers. This game has also inspired a lot of video game companies to make virtual games of road race that contain bikes.

Hardcourt Bike Polo

Hardcourt Bike Polo Is among Top bike game

Speaking of Top 10 Bike/Bicycle Themed Games and Sports, Hardcourt Bike polo must not me missed. It is among the most Daring games for racing bikes. This is similar to cycle polo, but instead the use of bicycles is replaced by bikes. Again this is one of the better substitutions for horses in polo. After all entertainment of humankind shouldn’t hurt animals. This one right here is a pretty difficult game but then again it is one of the most popular ones.

Cyclo – Cross

Cyclo – Cross Is among Daring games for racing bikes

At number 5 on Top 10 Bike/Bicycle Themed Games and Sports, we have Cycle cross, which is evidently derived from Motocross racing. Cycle cross is One of the most popular bike games. This game has bicycle riders, race through pavements, wooded trails, grass, steep hills and obstacles. Often, the rider needs to get off the bicycle and carry it on shoulder to a location where he or she can ride again. Steep slopes and muddy paths are an example. This game not only requires speed but also the ability to carry the mode of transport with the athlete, that too in time to win the race.

Artistic Cycling

Artistic Cycling Is among Amazing sports for bike riders

At number 6 on this list of Top 10 Bike/Bicycle Themed Games and Sports, we have artistic cycling.  This game is among the Top bicycle sports. Artistic cycling is a competitive sport which is usually played indoors. This game much like BMX freestyle depends on tricks and points. This game can be called gymnastics or ballet for bicycle riders. There is a series of exercises that are performed in front of judges who give scores depending upon how good the individual or the team was. The teams may contain 2 people, 4 people and also 6 at certain time. It is much of an art rather than a sport but every athlete is an artist, aren’t they?

Cycle Polo

Cycle Polo Is among Greatest bicycle sports

At number 7 of Top 10 Bike/Bicycle Themed Games and Sports, we have cycle polo. This sport is fun to play as interesting as it sounds. It is one of the greatest bicycle sports ever. This game is very popular among American population. This is a team sport and as the name suggests the rules are similar to the game ‘polo’. The only difference is that there are no horses in this game, which is a good thing because often PETA gets offended because of polo players whipping horses. This is a much animal-friendly game and can be played on concrete instead of green fields.

Cycle Speedway

Cycle Speedway Is among Greatest bike sports

At number 8 on Top 10 Bike/Bicycle Themed Games and Sports, we have Cycle speedway…which is commonly also known as British cycling. According to Ed Clancy, “Suitable for all levels, British Cycling actively encourages everyone from fans and riders to cycling enthusiasts and professionals.” It is one of the Best bicycle games in entire London as well as other parts of the world. This game has competitors or racers, cycle around an oval-shaped dirt racing track which is usually located in the outdoors. However, in some scenarios… this sport is continued in an indoor dirt racing track too.

BMX Racing

BMX Racing Is among Best bicycle games

At number 9 of Top 10 Bike/Bicycle Themed Games and Sports, we have the professional racing version of BMX freestyle. It is different from the said in in only one way. There are certain rules and obviously competition in this game. It is derived from Motocross racing and is very popular among youth who favor the adrenaline rush. Road races or bike races are some of the most competitive as well as difficult sports. The chances and degree of physical injuries are very high. But that is what makes this sport a sport. It is truly one of the greatest bike sports ever.

Freestyle BMX


Freestyle BMX is bicycle motocross stunt riding sport on BMX bikes which are specially made for that purpose it is one of the difficult sports among the games in this list and requires a lot of daring to finish. It is a freestyle version of BMX racing which takes place at number 9 on this list. There are numerous tricks in BMX freestyle.  Superman, Bar spin, decade, tail whip, back and front flip, flair, tabletop are some of the tricks or moves to name a few from Bmx freestyle which is one of the Best bike games. Freestyle BMX might be difficult but with enough patience and training, one can really master this sport and have fun doing it. This is why BMX freestyle is on number 10 of Top 10 Bike/Bicycle Themed Games and Sports.

Most of these games on the list of Top 10 Bike/Bicycle Themed Games and Sports are about tricks, how well one handles their bike or bicycle, speed, competition and racing. But the biggest thing that is common in each one of them is the adrenaline rush and the thrill of adventure with each ride. These riders are true daredevils and adventure seekers to have gotten into this sport. Hope you liked our list. If you did, leave comments below and let us know which one of these do you think you can try.

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