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Cristiano Ronaldo Homes | Luxurious Life Style of Ronaldo

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Being a celebrity has its perks. Likewise; Cristiano Ronaldo is known as one of the world’s best football players. He is a professional soccer player who has set many records while playing for both Manchester United and Real Madrid. He belonged to a small island named as Madeira in Portugal. But due to his hard work he has got much fame across the world.

Ronaldo started his professional career in 2001 and since then he is being loved, encouraged and supported by his fans. He is one of the most expensive player in football history when he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid. This football player owns a lavish mansion in Madrid and another grand mansion in U.K. The detail of Cristiano Ronaldo homes is discussed below:

Cristiano Ronaldo Homes


Alderley Edge Mansion

Cristiano Ronaldo Homes

It is a mansion where Ronaldo lives when he played football for Manchester United, but now it is labelled as “For Sale”. This is Ronaldo’s first home, which he purchased in 2006 for a more than $6 million when he played for Manchester United. It was located in the Village of Cheshire at Alderley, which is one of the most exclusive and expensive communities in England. This house consists of five bedrooms, his/hers bathrooms, and a swimming pool. Including cinema, aquarium, media room and mirrored ceilings, which clearly depicts the ravishing style of Ronaldo’s relaxation.

I don’t know its really a truth or just a rumor that he has a larger-than-life portrait of himself on one of the walls. Then there’s the garage, which is full of his beautiful car collection with almost 20-cars of automobiles is nestled.


Last but not the least he also has incorporated the 5-star gym for himself after all he is the most leading soccer player in the world.This modern house is designed by architect Joaquin Torres. I can say that this house can be called as the CR’s heaven.

Madrid Mansion


This is Ronaldo’s second house which is listed at over $7 million. It’s a lavishing house of 8,600 square-feet, one-story house. This house has 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and cameras in the rooms. It also has a trophy room, which is probably continuing filling up steadily, and a kid’s play-room. This oversized modern mansion was in news when the neighbors called this house “offensive, brutal and insensitive”, because it was built in a place of a knocked-down modest family house.

This house was designed by A-cero Architects, Spain who are the master designers in creating residential works of art. A-cero considered the homeowner’s passions, so in addition to adorning the garden with large sculptures and exhibiting works of art in the interior, the house is a work of art in itself.


This exceptional house is located in Somosaguas, Madrid. As reflected in its residents’ quality of life, this beautiful piece of art is the largest and richest in the Madrid region. Cristiano Ronaldo has always a good taste in his belongings either they are cars or houses. He is been perfect about his choices and selections which is one of the reason he has numerous number of fans across the world. These were the Cristiano Ronaldo homes which are kind of heaven for him.

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