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Cristiano Ronaldo Proves His Love For Children, Again…

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Cristiano Ronaldo, the captain of the national soccer team of Portugal, and a key member of the Spanish club Real Madrid CF is the heartthrob of the soccer-watching nations all over the world. He is noted for his great style of playing and for leading his teams to some extraordinary wins, besides creating some memorable moments in the history of the sport. Off the field, the player is known for his style, attitude, and the gentleness of heart. On one hand, he is seen sporting outrageous hairstyles and endorsing big brands like the superstar that he is, and on the other hand, his caring side comes out as he makes generous donations to charities.


Cristiano Ronaldo Proves His Love For Children

On the Wednesday match of Champions League, 24th of April, 2015, Cristiano made time for a small act of kindness, and once again proved that he has an adorable, gentle side to him.

On that day, Ronaldo’s team, Real Madrid, faced their neighbors, Atletico, in the white-hot Santiago Bernabeu during the second leg Champions League quarter final match. Real Madrid emerged victorious in the match, but Ronaldo’s free-kicks, which are his trademark, did not succeed in making any significant contribution to the victory of the team. But, prior to the match, Ronaldo was busy using every minute to prepare himself. He was mainly training his sights with the long distance attempts.

Cristiano Ronaldo Proves His Love For Children

Cristiano Ronaldo and His Affection Towards Children

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Of course, Ronaldo has trained himself diligently in order to master the art of a perfect set-piece. However, it is only human to err, and even the greatest of masters are allowed to make mistakes every once in a while. As he was practicing his shots, one of them flew wide off the mark and went straight into the crowd of cheering fans. However, the ball, unfortunately, struck a young boy who was standing right in the front row, right in his face.

Ronaldo winced as he realized what had happened, and his concern for the child was quite obvious. But, he was supposed to continue his preparation for the major tie with Carlo Atletico. Ronaldo, however, made a note of the young supporter. Once he was done with the final sprint drill, the 30-year-old soccer star dashed to his hurt fan. The compassionate man did not stop at that. He removed his training shirt, and in a classy gesture, he offered his warm-up jersey to the child, to make up for the strike that had hit the little boy.


Cristiano Ronaldo with His Family

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For any soccer fan, receiving any piece of sports accessory belonging to an athlete is a huge deal. Sometimes, players’ accessories are even auctioned off, and people dole out thousands of dollars to get hold of such items as a souvenir. To receive such a memento from the player himself in person, right after having used it is a moment of preciousness that no sports fan can ever expect easily. Quite naturally, the little boy was moved to tears by this warm deed of the Portuguese captain.

Ronaldo’s forceful shots have struck fans before. One errant shot of his in 2013 even managed to break the wrist of the child who was received it. In that situation, too, Ronaldo had given that child the jersey off his back, though he did not deliver it to his fan in person unlike on Wednesday when he went up to the young Madridista and himself presented the child with his practice garment as a sign of apology. It almost seemed like a karmic effect when Real Madrid managed to win the match against Atletico Madrid with a score of 1-0.


Cristiano Ronaldo and Save The Children Project

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Atletico was evidently a well-drilled team, but Real Madrid worked hard and gave a tough competition to them. But, the best part of the team’s performance was the pass made by Ronaldo into Javier Hermandez, which absolutely crushed all efforts by Diego Simeone’s boys, right in the 88th minute of the match. This made the entire crowd break into a cheer. Meanwhile, the lucky young star-struck boy who received Ronaldo’s jersey stood on the sideline and held on to his precious gift, all scrunched up in his hands.


Cristiano Ronaldo with His Toddler Fans

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Ronaldo became a father at the age of only 17 and is the proud father of a child of merely about five years of age. He is quite a child-lover in his personal life, and his philanthropic activities have shown his love for children. Back in the year 2012, Ronaldo and his agent took on the special treatment for a Canarian boy of nine years, who was suffering from terminal cancer. Later that year, he raised a whopping amount of €1.5 million by selling the golden boot that he had won in 2011 and donated the entire sum of money to fund schools for the children of Gaza.

In December, he joined the 11 for Health program of FIFA, meant to raise awareness among children regarding how to get rid of malaria, obesity, and HIV. Then, in the year 2013, Ronaldo became the Global Artist Ambassador of Save the Children, with the hope of helping to fight hunger and obesity of children.


Cristiano Ronaldo and the Charity

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But philanthropic activities are something that all players and stars take part in. But, even after doing their part for the society, not many players are actually able to shed their celebrity attitude and be compassionate, down-to-earth people, and extend their hand of assistance or kindness. The main reason is that most of the stars lose their humility along the path to stardom. However, Ronaldo has proven that he has not lost touch with his roots, and his compassionate behavior with his fans, especially the young ones, has proven time and again that he is a person full of empathy.

Ronaldo has succeeded in gaining a huge deal at a young age and has also managed to give back to the world, especially to the next generation who are the future of the world. He has provided them with inspiration, and extended a hand of support to those who are suffering. His recent gesture has proven that he is caring towards the children. He is quite a charmer, on the field and off it, and not just for the women.


Cristiano Ronaldo with His Own Son


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As for the little boy, he is probably going to cherish the moment of seeing the biggest Real Madrid player up close and personal, and more importantly, to receive a gift from the player – a jersey worn by the player himself. His excitement was evident from the sparkle in his eyes. And perhaps, with just a small act, Ronaldo changed another life or at least gave a great memory.

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