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English Premier League Fixtures Today

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English Premier League Fixtures Today

English Premier League Fixtures Today consists of today’s match schedule along with the full details of next 5 matches. We will also update regularly about which channel is showing today’s matches live.

English Premier League has always been a pivotal source of entertainment in football fanatics lives. The culmination of individual skills and equally important teamwork has enriched this prestigious tournament with the collage of great football moments. As the clubs brush off their shoes and get ready for the upcoming season, we are nothing but enthralled with expectations and hopes. In this following segment, we are going to take a look at the Premier League fixtures today as well as some of the upcoming matches as well. Read on to know more about English Premier League fixtures today, the teams, their stats and previous results.

English Premier League Fixtures Today

Take a look at the previous outings of the clubs who are about to face each other once again in November 2017. May these English Premier League fixtures today have the best results yet.

23rd September 2017 [Saturday]

West Ham United vs Tottenham Hotspur [12:30pm]

The 26th edition of this season is massively entertaining as West Ham take on the Spurs in the first match of Saturday. Now, the rivalry between Tottenham and West Ham is a curious one, to say the least. Treated with complete irreverence by Spurs fans, but relished so heavily by the Hammers faithful in East London, it’s a one-sided affair that has been characterised by off-field power battles. This is an important fixture to watch as Spurs take on their East London rivals.

Overall Stats:

West Ham United (68) Tottenham Hotspur (66)
Results Total % Results Total %
West Ham United 27 18.36 Tottenham Hotspur 34 22.44
Tottenham Hotspur 20 13.6 West Ham United 15 9.9
Draws 17 11.22 Draws 21 13.86
Goals Total Av.pg Goals Total Av.pg
Tottenham Hotspur 120 1.82 West Ham United 99 1.46
West Ham United 85 1.29 Tottenham Hotspur 88 1.29


Overall Records:

Highest Aggregate 7 West Ham United 1 – 6 Tottenham Hotspur 1962/1963
Highest Tottenham Hotspur score: 5 Tottenham Hotspur 5 – 1 West Ham United 1967/1968
Highest West Ham United score: 4 West Ham United 4 – 0 Tottenham Hotspur 1981/1982

Burnley vs Huddersfield Town [3.00pm]

This is also an entertaining fixture to watch in this season as Burnley FC takes on Huddersfield Town FC. This match is going to be played in the home of Burnley, Turf Moor. Huddersfield will be many pundits’ favourites for relegation but in David Wagner, they possess a talented, inventive coach to lead their first season back in the top flight. Whereas, Burnley have signed Nahki Wells from Huddersfield for an undisclosed fee. Overall this match will be an interesting one.

Overall Stats:

Burnley (32) Huddersfield Town (32)
Results Total % Results Total %
Burnley 16 5.12 Huddersfield Town 16 5.12
Huddersfield Town 9 2.88 Burnley 12 3.84
Draws 7 2.24 Draws 4 1.28
Goals Total Av.pg Goals Total Av.pg
Burnley 50 1.56 Huddersfield Town 42 1.31
Huddersfield Town 38 1.19 Burnley 28 0.88

Overall Records:

Highest Aggregate 6 Burnley 1 – 5 Huddersfield Town 1924/1925
Highest Burnley score: 7 Huddersfield Town 7 – 1 Burnley 1928/1929
Highest Huddersfield Town score: 5 Huddersfield Town 5 – 1 Burnley 1924/1925

Everton vs AFC Bournemouth [3.00pm]

In this season of the Premier League,  Everton takes on Bournemouth on Saturday. Last time, in the match between these two teams, the Belgian (Lukaku) went on a rampage in front of goal as Ronald Koeman’s men stormed to victory, though Eddie Howe’s side threatened a fightback. We lookout for a tough competition this season also.

Overall Stats:

Everton (1) AFC Bournemouth (2)
Results Total % Results Total %
Everton 0 0 AFC Bournemouth 0 0
AFC Bournemouth 0 0 Everton 1 0.02
Draws 1 0.01 Draws 1 0.01
Goals Total Av.pg Goals Total Av.pg
Everton 2 2.00 AFC Bournemouth 3 1.50
AFC Bournemouth 1 1.00 Everton 5 2.50

Overall Records:

Highest Aggregate 6 AFC Bournemouth 3 – 3 Everton 2015/2016
Highest Everton score: 3 AFC Bournemouth 3 – 3 Everton 2015/2016
Highest AFC Bournemouth score: 1 AFC Bournemouth 1 – 2 Everton 2015/2016

Manchester City vs Crystal Palace [3.00pm]

This one is an interesting fixture as Manchester City will return to the Etihad Stadium this Saturday after three away games on the winning mode, hosting Roy Hodgson’s winless Crystal Palace. In their last meeting, Manchester City were totally dominant as they strengthened their case for a top-four finish with a 5-0 Premier League battering of Crystal Palace. We will be hoping for the best in this match.

Overall Stats:

Manchester City (26) Crystal Palace (26)
Results Total % Results Total %
Manchester City 13 3.38 Crystal Palace 8 2.08
Crystal Palace 5 1.3 Manchester City 9 2.34
Draws 8 2.08 Draws 9 2.34
Goals Total Av.pg Goals Total Av.pg
Manchester City 50 1.92 Crystal Palace 30 1.15
Crystal Palace 23 0.88 Manchester City 31 1.19

Overall Records:

Highest Aggregate 5 Manchester City 2 – 3 Crystal Palace 1972/1973
Highest Manchester City score: 5 Manchester City 5 – 1 Crystal Palace 2015/2016
Highest Crystal Palace score: 3 Crystal Palace 3 – 1 Manchester City 1987/1988

Southampton vs Manchester United [3.00pm]

This match is also going to be played on Saturday. In the last Premier League Game, Sergio Romero made a series of fine saves as Southampton and Manchester United played out a goalless draw at St Mary’s. Manchester United have started the season impressively and recorded a comfortable 4-0 win against Everton last weekend. The Red Devils’ next test in the Premier League is a trip to St Mary’s to face Southampton on Saturday (3pm).

Overall Stats:

Southampton (56) Manchester United (54)
Results Total % Results Total %
Southampton 17 9.52 Manchester United 33 17.82
Manchester United 21 11.76 Southampton 8 4.32
Draws 18 10.08 Draws 13 7.28
Goals Total Av.pg Goals Total Av.pg
Southampton 68 1.21 Manchester United 105 1.94
Manchester United 82 1.46 Southampton 55 1.02

Overall Records:

Highest Aggregate 7 Southampton 2 – 5 Manchester United 1971/1972
Highest Southampton score: 6 Southampton 6 – 3 Manchester United 1996/1997
Highest Manchester United score: 5 Manchester United 5 – 2 Southampton 1971/1972

Stoke City vs Chelsea [3.00pm]

This would be a fiery encounter between these two teams. Last Premier League Match, Gary Cahill’s 87th-minute effort sent Chelsea 13 points clear at the Premier League summit with a 2-1 victory over Stoke City in a tempestuous encounter at the bet365 Stadium. In this season, both the teams are playing exceptionally well and they will promise a good fight.

Overall Stats:

Stoke City (45) Chelsea (46)
Results Total % Results Total %
Stoke City 16 7.2 Chelsea 24 11.04
Chelsea 17 7.65 Stoke City 8 3.68
Draws 12 5.4 Draws 14 6.3
Goals Total Av.pg Goals Total Av.pg
Stoke City 58 1.29 Chelsea 82 1.78
Chelsea 53 1.18 Stoke City 49 1.07

Overall Records:

Highest Aggregate 7 Chelsea 2 – 5 Stoke City 1946/1947
Highest Stoke City score: 7 Chelsea 7 – 0 Stoke City 2009/2010
Highest Chelsea score: 4 Chelsea 4 – 0 Stoke City 2012/2013

Swansea City vs Watford [3.00pm]

Swansea is on 14th position with just one win on the board will play a somehow vital match against Watford with 2 wins. Last time, it was an encouraging second half from Swansea, but that was a missed opportunity at home against Watford. The visitors were grateful for a fine performance from goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes, while Swansea was also unlucky as Gylfi Sigurdsson hit the post. So this 26th edition is going to be worth watching.

Overall Stats:

Swansea City (22) Watford (23)
Results Total % Results Total %
Swansea City 14 3.08 Watford 10 2.3
Watford 3 0.66 Swansea City 6 1.38
Draws 5 1.1 Draws 7 1.54
Goals Total Av.pg Goals Total Av.pg
Swansea City 42 1.91 Watford 35 1.52
Watford 25 1.14 Swansea City 25 1.09

Overall Records:

Highest Aggregate 5 Swansea City 1 – 4 Watford 1976/1977
Highest Swansea City score: 4 Swansea City 4 – 2 Watford 1975/1976
Highest Watford score: 4 Watford 4 – 1 Swansea City 1976/1977

Leicester City vs Liverpool [5:30pm]

The last Premier League match for Saturday is between those 2 teams whose match will be repeated, one in the EFL 3rd round on Tuesday and other in the Premier League on Saturday. In their last encounter, Philippe Coutinho and Mo Salah were on target for Liverpool as they beat Leicester 2-1 to win the Premier League Asia Trophy.

Overall Stats:

Leicester City (46) Liverpool (48)
Results Total % Results Total %
Leicester City 23 10.58 Liverpool 27 12.96
Liverpool 12 5.52 Leicester City 11 5.28
Draws 11 5.06 Draws 10 4.6
Goals Total Av.pg Goals Total Av.pg
Leicester City 71 1.54 Liverpool 94 1.96
Liverpool 63 1.37 Leicester City 57 1.19

Overall Records:

Highest Aggregate 5 Leicester City 1 – 4 Liverpool 2001/2002
Highest Leicester City score: 6 Liverpool 6 – 3 Leicester City 1928/1929
Highest Liverpool score: 4 Liverpool 4 – 1 Leicester City 2001/2002

Upcoming Matches of Premier League:

Saturday 23 September, 2017
West Ham United 12:30 Tottenham Hotspur London Stadium, London
Burnley 15:00 Huddersfield Town Turf Moor, Lancashire
Everton 15:00 AFC Bournemouth Goodison Park, London
Manchester City 15:00 Crystal Palace Etihad Stadium, Manchester
Southampton 15:00 Manchester United St. Mary’s Stadium, Southampton
Stoke City 15:00 Chelsea Bet365 Stadium, Stoke
Swansea City 15:00 Watford Liberty Stadium, Swansea
Leicester City 17:30 Liverpool King Power Stadium, Leicester
Sunday 24 September, 2017
Brighton 16:00 New Castle Amex Stadium, Falmer

While La Liga boasts of a better number of superstars in their bag, the collection of the EPL teams or clubs and their famous rivalry make the tournament as it is. Each season the spectators gather in flocks to witness the masterpiece, which is the league. This year surely would not be any different except only more amount of drama and action packed in.

Broadcasting channels of UK for the English Premier League fixtures today

Date Fixture Time (UK) UK TV
September 17 Chelsea vs Arsenal 13:30 Sky Sports
September 17 Manchester United vs Everton 16:00 Sky Sports
September 23 West Ham vs Tottenham 12:30 Sky Sports
September 23 Leicester vs Liverpool 17:30 BT Sport
September 24 Brighton vs Newcastle 16:00 Sky Sports
September 25 Arsenal vs West Brom 20:00 Sky Sports
September 30 Huddersfield vs Tottenham 12:30 Sky Sports
September 30 Chelsea vs Manchester City 17:30 BT Sport
October 1 Arsenal vs Brighton 12:00 BT Sport
October 1 Everton vs Burnley 14:15 Sky Sports
October 1 Newcastle vs Liverpool 16:30 Sky Sports
October 14 Liverpool vs Manchester United 12:30 Sky Sports
October 14 Burnley vs West Ham 15:00 Sky Sports
October 14 Crystal Palace vs Chelsea 15:00 Sky Sports
October 14 Manchester City vs Stoke City 15:00 Sky Sports
October 14 Swansea City vs Huddersfield 15:00 Sky Sports
October 14 Tottenham vs Bournemouth 15:00 Sky Sports
October 14 Watford vs Arsenal 17:30 Sky Sports
October 15 Brighton vs Everton 13:30 Sky Sports
October 16 Southampton vs New Castle 16:00 Sky Sports

These are English Premier League fixtures today, hopefully, you liked reading it. If you have any questions, suggestions, etc, please leave them down in the comments section below. The updates of the current matches, scores, results and stats will be updated as the scores are revealed. Be sure to keep an eye on this space if you want to remain updated.


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