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English Premier League Manager of the Month 2017/18

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English Premier League Manager of the Month 2017/18 is the overall prediction of this season’s best managers along with the details of last season’s best coaches who won this prestigious award.

The Manager of the Month is one of the most prestigious Premier League awards that facilitates the best-adjudged manager every month of the season of Premier League. As the newest season is upon us, we can do nothing but wait in excitement for the upcoming ventures. Before that, here is a flashback and some standings for English premier league manager of the month. Check it out!

English Premier League Manager of the Month 2017/18

Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte

Brief history of the English Premier League manager of the month award

The recipient is selected by a panel of Football Association members and announced alongside the Player of the Month on the first or second Friday of the following month. It has been termed as the Carling Premiership Manager of the Month (1994–2001) and the Barclaycard Premiership Manager of the Month (2001–2004). As of now known as the Barclays Manager of the Month.

The first English Premier League Manager of the Month Award

Alex Ferguson

Alex Ferguson

The first Manager of the Month in Premier League history was awarded to Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson for his impressive achievements in August 1993. Ferguson has been Manager of the Month the most times with an incredible record twenty-seven awards. Harry Redknapp has had total six spells managing Premier League football clubs (West Ham United, Portsmouth, Southampton, Portsmouth again, Tottenham Hotspur and Queens Park Rangers) winning a Manager of the Month award in each of those spells, an astonishing record, to say the least.

English Premier League Manager of the Month winners throughout the years

August 2010  Italy Carlo Ancelotti Chelsea
September 2010  Italy Roberto Di Matteo West Bromwich Albion
October 2010  Scotland David Moyes Everton
November 2010  Ireland Owen Coyle Bolton Wanderers
December 2010  Italy Roberto Mancini Manchester City
January 2011  Scotland Alex Ferguson Manchester United
February 2011  France Arsène Wenger Arsenal
March 2011  Italy Carlo Ancelotti Chelsea
April 2011  Italy Carlo Ancelotti Chelsea
August 2011  Scotland Alex Ferguson Manchester United
September 2011  England Harry Redknapp Tottenham Hotspur
October 2011  Italy Roberto Mancini Manchester City
November 2011  England Harry Redknapp Tottenham Hotspur
December 2011  Northern Ireland Martin O’Neill Sunderland
January 2012  Northern Ireland Brendan Rodgers Swansea City
February 2012  France Arsène Wenger Arsenal
March 2012  Ireland Owen Coyle Bolton Wanderers
April 2012  Spain Roberto Martínez Wigan Athletic
September 2012  Scotland David Moyes Everton
October 2012  Scotland Alex Ferguson Manchester United
November 2012  Scotland Steve Clarke West Bromwich Albion
December 2012  Portugal André Villas-Boas Tottenham Hotspur
January 2013  England Brian McDermott Reading
February 2013  Portugal André Villas-Boas Tottenham Hotspur
March 2013  Scotland David Moyes Everton
April 2013  Spain Rafael Benítez Chelsea
August 2013  Northern Ireland Brendan Rodgers Liverpool
September 2013  France Arsène Wenger Arsenal
October 2013  Argentina Mauricio Pochettino Southampton
November 2013  England Alan Pardew Newcastle United
December 2013  Chile Manuel Pellegrini Manchester City
January 2014  Chile Manuel Pellegrini Manchester City
February 2014  England Sam Allardyce West Ham United
March 2014  Northern Ireland Brendan Rodgers Liverpool
April 2014  Wales Tony Pulis Crystal Palace
August 2014  England Garry Monk Swansea City
September 2014  Netherlands Ronald Koeman Southampton
October 2014  England Sam Allardyce West Ham United
November 2014  England Alan Pardew Newcastle United
December 2014  Chile Manuel Pellegrini Manchester City
January 2015  Netherlands Ronald Koeman Southampton
February 2015  Wales Tony Pulis West Bromwich Albion
March 2015  France Arsène Wenger Arsenal
April 2015  England Nigel Pearson Leicester City
August 2015  Chile Manuel Pellegrini Manchester City
September 2015  Argentina Mauricio Pochettino Tottenham Hotspur
October 2015  France Arsène Wenger Arsenal
November 2015  Italy Claudio Ranieri Leicester City
December 2015  Spain Quique Sánchez Flores Watford
January 2016  Netherlands Ronald Koeman Southampton
February 2016  Argentina Mauricio Pochettino Tottenham Hotspur
March 2016  Italy Claudio Ranieri Leicester City
April 2016  Italy Claudio Ranieri Leicester City
August 2016  England Mike Phelan Hull City
September 2016  Germany Jürgen Klopp Liverpool
October 2016  Italy Antonio Conte Chelsea
November 2016  Italy Antonio Conte Chelsea
December 2016  Italy Antonio Conte Chelsea
January 2017  England Paul Clement Swansea City
February 2017  Spain Pep Guardiola Manchester City
March 2017  England Eddie Howe AFC Bournemouth
April 2017  Argentina Mauricio Pochettino Tottenham Hotspur

Winners with association with two or more clubs

Martin O'Neill

Martin O’Neill

Eight other managers have won an award associated with two or more clubs: Martin O’Neill with Leicester City, Aston Villa and Sunderland, Stuart Pearce with Nottingham Forest and Manchester City, Brendan Rodgers with Swansea City and Liverpool, Gordon Strachan with Coventry City and Southampton,Mauricio Pochettino with Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur, Sam Allardyce with Bolton Wanderers and West Ham United, Rafael Benítez with Liverpool and Chelsea and Claudio Ranieri with Leicester City and Chelsea.

Highest Premier League Manager of the Month winner

Rank Managers Wins
1st Alex Ferguson 27
2nd Arsène Wenger* 15
3rd David Moyes* 10
4th Martin O’Neill 8
Harry Redknapp
6th Sam Allardyce 6
Rafael Benítez*
Bobby Robson
9th Kevin Keegan 5
Claudio Ranieri
11th Carlo Ancelotti 4
Roy Hodgson
Joe Kinnear
Manuel Pellegrini
Gordon Strachan
16th Alan Curbishley 3
Gérard Houllier
Ronald Koeman*
José Mourinho*
David O’Leary
Alan Pardew
Stuart Pearce
Mauricio Pochettino*
Brendan Rodgers
Antonio Conte*
26th Frank Clark 2
Steve Coppell
Owen Coyle
Kenny Dalglish
Roy Evans
John Gregory
Glenn Hoddle
Paul Jewell
Tony Pulis*
Roberto Mancini
Peter Reid
Graeme Souness
Phil Thompson
André Villas-Boas

Most number of Consecutive winnings

Eleven managers have achieved awards in consecutive months: Joe Kinnear, Kevin Keegan, Roy Evans, Ferguson, Arsène Wenger, David O’Leary, Paul Jewell, Rafael Benítez, Carlo Ancelotti, Manuel Pellegrini and Antonio Conte. Out of which, only Antonio Conte has won this award three times back to back. A talented manager like him deserves so as well.

Prediction of Season 2017/18

Antonio Conte happens to be the only manager in Premier League history to win the award in three successive months (with Chelsea from October to December 2016). This year looks good for him as well. He has every chance to be the best unless someone better comes along.

Premier League Manager of the Month season of 2016- 17 Winners

Mauricio Pochettino [April 2017]

"<yoastmarkIt cannot be denied that Mauricio Pottechino deserved the award. He ensured A 100% record from six matches in April which was helpful for Tottenham Hotspur in the full season. The former Argentina defender has made more than 300 appearances for Espanyol before retiring in 2006. His contribution helped Tottenham to lock their position among the top 4 Clubs last season. He did it after winning his second Copa del Rey title with the Barcelona-based side at the age of 34.

Eddie Howe [March 2017]

Eddie Howe

Eddie Howe

His first Premier League accolade was the gift of Two victories and a draw at Old Trafford. Eddie Howe led the club AFC Bournemouth to 16th position knowing that it was their first top-flight season. This ensured at least another year for the club in the Premier League. He was undoubtedly helpful for the team to make it to the top 10.

Josep Guardiola [February 2017]

Josep Guardiola

Josep Guardiola

Joseph Guardiola was the guide for Manchester City as he helped the club to attain an incredible 100% record, scoring eight and conceding once in three Premier League matches. February 2017 was his month for sure. This the former FIFA World Coach of the Year has only of Manager of the Month award yet.

Paul Clement [January 2017]

Paul Clement

Paul Clement

He enabled the club to go for Three victories in four matches in January 2017, including a victory at Anfield. He has rightfully been given the best manager of the month award. Given it was his first month in charge, he did a bloody good job.

Antonio Conte [October, November and December 2016]

Antonio Conte

Yes, that’s right; he has been winning this award for three months. He eventually got the manager of the year for the season too. This Italian talent became the very first manager to win the award on three consecutive occasions owing to six wins out of six in December 2017. Any person who can have his club, the Premier League Champion of Last Season Chelsea, win 6 out of 6 matches deserves this award.

Jürgen Klopp [September 2016]

Jürgen Klopp

Jürgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp, in September 2017 masterfully guided Liverpool and got three wins out of just as many matches in September. The team ended up scoring 11 goals in the process. After this, there was no doubt that he wouldn’t win this award.

Mike Phelan [August 2016]


Hull City is a newly promoted team in the league and Phelan led them to two wins in the opening three fixtures of 2016/17 season. The beginning of the month was looking pretty good for Hull City. The award for the best manager was a well-deserved one for this guy.

The updates of the recent matches, scores, results, and stats will be updated from time to time. As the matches in the 26th season progress, Keep an eye on this space to remain updated. And don’t forget to send us your opinion about English Premier League manager of the month in the comment box below.

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