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English Premier League Predictions 2017/18

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In this English Premier League Predictions 2017/18, we predict the possible champion this season along with the possible player of the year, young footballer of the year, top scorer and manager of the season award winners.

While overall premier league predictions for 2017/18 are still pretty debatable due to a huge fanbase and million opinions, here we have something that might come close. The upcoming 26th edition of the premier league is all set and is bound to be one of the best so far. With people holding on tight to their seats and their expectations, the athletes, as well as the managers and captains, have a lot to cater to. Worldwide, there are millions or maybe more fanatics who want to see their favourite team win, but that can not be the case unless the team plays exceptionally well. So check out the detailed English premier league predictions 2017/18.

English Premier League Predictions 2017/18

English premier league predictions 2017/18

English premier league predictions 2017/18

In a field of competition, a little bit of uncertainty doesn’t hurt. Instead, it adds to the flavour of the mystery and adrenaline rush in the game. Match predictions are generally based on past performances and standings. In this following list, we are going to look at some of the best players of Premier League, teams and overall team members who not only work hard but are on their way to achieve their deserved goals this year. If your expectations match these predictions, please do leave a comment down below and let us know.

Premier League Champions Prediction

Expectant winner EPL

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspurs have been the arguably best performing team in the division throughout the past two years. As long as they are under Mauricio Pochettino, they are sure to go a long way and their success is bound to continue. Some other Premier League trophy winners may be Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United. 5-times Premier League winner Chelsea, even though they are going to face the added impediment of the Champions League. According to experts, Manchester City is going to still have defensive problems but as we all know Jose Mourinho usually eases out by his second season at a club.

Player of the Year Prediction

Player of the year expectant

Dele Alli

Speaking of English premier league predictions 2017/18, Dele Alli has already won a tonne of awards for his gameplay and he has just started. Dele Alli deserves this trophy and may he play well enough to get this. He has been young player of the year twice and so, considering Spurs are strong enough to win the league, it is not a crazy idea to assume their best player may take the main award. Afterall he is indeed the best player for Tottenham Hotspurs right now.

Player of the Year Award winners in past seasons

2006–07 Cristiano Ronaldo Midfielder  Portugal Manchester United
2007–08 Cristiano Ronaldo Midfielder  Portugal Manchester United
2008–09 Nemanja Vidić Defender  Serbia Manchester United
2009–10 Wayne Rooney Forward  England Manchester United
2010–11 Nemanja Vidić Defender  Serbia Manchester United
2011–12 Vincent Kompany Defender  Belgium Manchester City
2012–13 Gareth Bale Midfielder  Wales Tottenham Hotspur
2013–14 Luis Suárez Forward  Uruguay Liverpool
2014–15 Eden Hazard Midfielder  Belgium Chelsea
2015–16 Jamie Vardy Forward  England Leicester City
2016–17 N’Golo Kanté Midfielder  France Chelsea

Young Player of the Year Prediction

Young player of the year

Gabriel Jesus

The prime candidate for this award may happen to be Gabriel Jesus. According to experts, He has been an amazing spirited player from his first minute on the pitch. It is wonderful to imagine what this upcoming season would look like with him. This is the second time he is playing and he is already among top 10 young players. So there might be a very big opportunity for him to win this title this year.

Top Scorer Prediction

Top scorer

Harry Kane

When we are on the topic of English premier league predictions 2017/18, it will be cruel not to mention the top scorer. Harry Kane seems like he is going to win this award this year as well. Looking at his past adventures and playing technique, we are sure that he is aiming for more this year. If he wins the top scorer of the premier league award this year, he will be making a record for the third straight season to win the Premier League Golden Boot. Let’s hope his head stays in the right place and he wins what he is aiming for.

Manager of the Year Prediction

Manager of the year

Chris Hughton

Premier League Manager of the Month title winner Pochettino will have a strong chance but, after leading Brighton to a solid mid-table position, the nicest man in football will get the nod. Hence Chris Hughton seems like a viable candidate for this one. The award for the best manager of the season is a highly prestigious title to be given out. Those who win it, deserve to win it and there is no other way around it. The previous year was a good one for Antonio Conte as he won this award. This year may be the lucky one for Chris Hughton. At least we hope it does.

Manager of the season for 2016-17

Position Manager Club Nationality
1 Antonio Conte Chelsea Italy
2 Tony Pulis West Bromwich Albion Wales
3 Mauricio Pochettino Tottenham Hotspur Argentina

Some other predictions made by experts are as stated

♦ Most successfully promoted football club is going to be Newcastle United
♦ FA Cup winners trophy could be won by Liverpool
♦ EFL Cup winners could turn out to be the team of  Bournemouth
♦English team to do best in the Champions League could be Chelsea

Last 10 years’ winners

Year Winner Country
2017 Chelsea FC England
2016 Leicester City England
2015 Chelsea FC England
2014 Manchester City England
2013 Manchester United England
2012 Manchester City England
2011 Manchester United England
2010 Chelsea FC England
2009 Manchester United England
2008 Manchester United England

It becomes very difficult and hard to decide or predict which one of the amazing players is going to win. What is even tougher is that to predict which team is going to win for the unforeseeable future. However, statistics and standings of a particular team or a team member tells a lot about their gameplay. Unless something bizarre happens, the ratings tend to only improve…or at least stay the way they are. With millions of fans giving millions of predictions, expectations and theories, it becomes really difficult to neutralise all the love and hate. These were the English Premier League Predictions 2017/18 and if you do not agree to this list, please leave comments down below.

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