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Evin Lewis vs Chris Gayle: Can Lewis be the next ‘World Boss’?

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Evin Lewis vs Gayle: Hundreds, Fifties, Batting Style, Videos

Stars come and go, what all is left behind is legacy but even then one can’t deny the fact some talents are unique and there is no successor or predecessor to them. Evin Lewis vs Chris Gayle. Years back the aforementioned statement was very much alive about Chris Gayle but as the things are continuously changing, West Indies have got someone who is equally good in hitting massive sixes as GayleStorm (Evin Lewis vs Chris Gayle). The question here is whether it will be fair to call Lewis, the successor of ‘World Boss’ Chris Gayle or not?

Evin Lewis vs Chris Gayle in T20Is

Everybody knows T20Is is more mainstream to Chris Gayle rather than longer formats of the game like Test and ODIs. And the young rising star, Evin Lewis is very much similar to the Gayleforce as so far in his budding career he’s made an impact in the T20Is with his tremendous performances. In his 14-match T20I career, the Trinidad-born has hit forty 6’s along with the eye-opening strike-rate of 154.96. At the same time, one can’t negate Gayle’s power who has struck 103 sixes in 52 matches and has a magnificent strike rate of 145.34.


Match Runs Highest Score Average Strike Rate 100’s 50’s 6s
Evin Lewis 14 468 125* 36.00 154.96 2 2 40
Chris Gayle 52 1577 117 35.04 145.34 2 13 103


The best thing about Chris Gayle is he has been a consistent performer in T20I’s regardless of the opposition team or venue. Actually, the West Indies star is least concerned with the factors all around, the entire is that the ball which hits the middle of Gayle’s bat rightly gets going into the crowd. The same is the case 25-years old Lewis, who regardless of the situations around can hit the ball miles into the crowd.

When we talk about Lewis’ special feature he loves to get a go right from the very first ball, without taking few of the balls to settle himself.

It will be relevant to mention here that, Lewis regard Gayle as his mentor and both of them are often seen practicing together in the nets.

Evin Lewis vs Chris Gayle in ODIs

Many people around say that Gayle hasn’t justified with his talent in ODIs but actually, they need to realize it isn’t that easy to get going for the long format game as different phases and changes can catch up. The real-time problem in ODI a T20 batsmen faces is shifting gears in accordance with the situation around. The thing which should be kept noted here is like Gayle, Lewis has not been that good so far in the ODIs.

A close insight into young West Indies star tells that his extra cautious strategy in ODIs still now have made him inefficient in this format of the game.


Matches Runs Highest Score Average Strike Rate 100’s 50’s 6s
Evin Lewis 22 474 148 24.94 79.13 1 0 10
Chris Gayle 271 9352 215 37.55 85.49 22 48 247


With the ODI stats out there, Lewis seems far behind the Six-Machine. Moreover, the only big innings young star has played so far in his ODI career came against the Sri Lanka back in November 2016.  Apart from the mentioned innings, there is nothing more in Lewis ODI career to rejoice about, even not a single fifty there.

On the other hand, Gayle is superb in ODIs when it comes to striking cameos, or playing an unbelievable knock. The cricket exerts believe that Gayle with his experience would even have achieved more in the ODIs but he has not even been the consistent member of the ODI side over the years.

Evin Lewis vs Chris Gayle in T20s

Gayle is the real boss when it comes to T20s leagues all around the globe; he’s been playing in around every of the famous league across the globe. And the most shocking thing is that the star batsman has 18 centuries to his name in T20s.

A close insight into Gayle’s T20 career tells that he has been a pure success in all sorts of the T20 leagues except the Pakistani Super League.

Meanwhile, when we talk about Evin Lewis, he isn’t very much part of all the T20 leagues around, but in his budding career, he has made a mark for himself in the T20’s by performing in the leagues like CPL and BPL.

Matches Runs Highest Score Average Strike Rate 100’s 50’s 6s
Evin Lewis 72 2261 125* 33.74 144.01 3 16 151
Chris Gayle 309 10571 175* 40.50 147.97 18 65 772

Henry Gayle has been a consistent performer in the biggest T20 league IPL for over the years but the young Lewis has remained unfortunate in this regard as he went unpicked for the IPL 2017. It will be pertinent to mention here that young Caribbean star was up there with base price 50 lakh but still he was unlucky to grab any attention out there.

Evin Lewis about Comparison with Gayle

The promising star is never shy of his comparison with Chris Gayle as he took up him as his mentor. Moreover, he is also quite vocal about he chasing up very similar like the star batsman. Once the young man asking, why he chose Chris Gayle as his mentor; the reply was quick and fluent simultaneously, “ I hit a lot of sixes, big sixes like him”.

“Everybody keeps calling me the young Chris Gayle,” he chuckles. “I think I’m similar to how he bats. We work on a regular basis – almost every time together in the nets. Evin Lewis vs Chris Gayle. He keeps talking to me telling me to keep being myself, keep being positive, and keep doing my thing. In the wicket it’s the same – he always tells me to keep my shape when I go after the bowling. He’s a guy who’s really helped me in my cricket so far,” told Lewis about his bonding with the star batsman.

The thing which should be added here is both Lewis and Gayle make up the great opening pair together. And one of the rare sights they brought with this couple of times is Gayle taking single. Give the strike to Lewis as he was cleanly hitting the ball out for mammoth sixes.

Evin Lewis 100 vs India

When we talk about the game-changing moment for Lewis it was none else than his brilliant ton against India in the USA. Evin Lewis vs Chris Gayle. West Indies put 245 on the board in T20s with a big chunk of credit to Lewis for his 100 on just 49 balls.

Those who think the innings Lewis played against India in 2016 was something you saw once in blue moon are actually wrong as Lewis struck a better knock against India in this summer too

The rising star this time only took 62 deliveries to struck 125 not out. The most exciting thing about this innings was that Lewis made a chase of 190 runs look so easy by doing it single-handedly.

With both of his T20I top performances coming against India. It won’t be wrong to say that Lewis loves going against the Blue Shirts and he does so without any stop.

Chris Gayle & Evin Lewis in CPL 2017

The T20 fans were on cloud nine with new of Chris Gayle and Evin Lewis in similar team ‘St Kitts and Nevis Patriots’ during the CPL 2017. Evin Lewis vs Chris Gayle. Apart from exciting the cricket fans, the duo of Chris Gayle and Lewis made their team end their CPL campaign as the runner-ups.

The duo played some brilliant knock. Especially Lewis took the charge quite often with Gayle partnering brilliantly throughout the tournament.

“Evin Lewis seems to have the all-around game and generally attacks from ball one. Whereas Chris sometimes needs to face a few balls to get his eye in,” told coach Trevor Penney. a coach at St Kitts and Nevis Patriots.

Lewis’s remarkable 97 not out of only 32 balls was the major highlight of the CPL. Chris Gayle was with him at the crease that time. He was all looking to give the strike to Lewis as he was hitting superbly all around.

Lewis recalling the innings and responding to the query of outdoing Chris Gayle told. “Yeah, yeah he told me the same thing. As I was striking the ball cleanly, he tried his best to give me the strike as much as possible. Evin Lewis vs Chris Gayle. That’s something I feel really thankful for. Normally when a guy sees you going after the bowling he’ll try and go after the bowling too. But it was different with Chris.”

Evin Lewis Batting Video


Chris Gayle Batting Video


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