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Fawad Alam Age, Batting, News, Career Info, Stats, & Analysis

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If you ever have felt ignored, you need to recall Fawad Alam’s struggle, Fawad Alam Age. who is being ignored by the Pakistan cricket selectors from over the years. The 31-year old Alam remaining optimistic throughout but getting ignored repetitively even after topping the domestic circles is even beyond his understanding. This article ‘Fawad Alam Age, Batting, News, Career Info, Stats, & Analysis’ is all about left-handed batsman’s struggle and patience, which till now has not been fruitful.

Fawad Alam Age: 31 yrs Old
Alam Batting: Middle-Order Batsman

Fawad Alam ODI Debut: May 22, 2007 | Pakistan vs Sri Lanka
Alam T20I Debut: Sep 4, 2007 | Pakistan vs Kenya
Alam Test Debut: Jul 12, 2009 | Pakistan vs Sri Lanka

Fawad Alam News

He remains in the news every now and then and that all is because of the selection team’s injustice towards him. Fawad Alam Age. The left-handed star who is equally handy with the ball is ignored again and again and the best part is he always try to be responsive with the bat.

Up the latest, the southpaw once again ignored for Pakistan’s Tour of Sri Lanka. The point which should be kept mentioned here is that it was the high time for Alam’s inclusion in the Test squad as he had that potential to fill in the boots of Misbah ul Haq and Younis Khan, Fawad Alam Age. who just announced retired from the international cricket months back.

It will be relevant to mention here that it most likely to get in for the Test squad against Sri Lanka as he a consistent performer in the domestic circle from last several years and with the departure of Misbah and Younis. Fawad Alam Age. All the eyes were stuck on Alam as a successor.

But the selection committee, especially the chairman of Pakistan cricket’s selection committee, Inzamam-ul-Haq  different plans for him. The Chairman Selection committee preferred Haris Sohail over Fawad Alam for this crucial Test series. The irony is Haris Sohail hasn’t played a single first-class match in last 3 years and on the other hand; Fawad Alam one of the top performers in first-class cricket in last 3-years with a staggering average of nearly 59.

Shahid Afridi Extends support to Fawad Alam

As ‘Boom Boom’ always a helping to the budding cricketer, this time he put weight behind Fawad Alam, who is being ignored for quite some time now.

In the latest turn of events, Afridi after Fawad Alam not being named for Sri Lanka’s tour while talking to media said, “Fawad Alam ignored a lot. He has performed at a high level in domestic cricket which very few players have done so.”

“Whereas Fawad’s fitness is a concern, I believe the 30-year-old will be at the top of the fitness level as well, so I think Fawad Alam should be given a chance, as his performance speaks for itself” Afridi further added.

Fawad Alam Career Info

  • What if I tell you Fawad Alam only given chance to play 3-Test matches even after he scoring 168 in his debut match against Sri Lanka in 2nd innings?
  • At first, Fawad Alam more as a T20 player as he used to perform brilliantly for Karachi Dolphins at Pakistan’s T20 circle.
  • The left-handed batsman equally good with the ball in his early career but later he remained more focused about his batting.
  • Alam first represented Pakistan in ODIs than in T20s and Tests respectively.
  • The southpaw was criticized for his strike rate in ODIs and  often termed as the Test player. But the irony is he got least chance to show off his skills in Test.
  • Fawad Alam is the son of famous Pakistani First-class cricketer Tariq Alam.
  • As first-class cricket is regarded as the route to international cricket, Fawad Alam has been one of the top performers in this circuit from last several years. To be very exact, Fawad Alam has scored 2070 runs with 59.14 averages in last 3-years in first-class cricket.
  • Fawad Alam was regarded fittest player after attending camp at ASPT Kakul ahead of Pakistan’s Tour of England 2016.

Fawad Alam Stats

He classy and consistent with the bat from over the years but had no luck in his hand to get included in the team besides performing superbly in the domestic circle.

Fawad Alam’s Batting Stats

Fawad Alam Test Stats

  Matches Runs Highest Score Average Strike Rate 100s 50s
Tests 3 250 168 41.66 56.68 1 0


Fawad Alam ODI Stats

  Matches Runs Highest Score Average Strike Rate 100s 50s
ODIs 38 966 114* 40.25 74.7 1 6


Fawad Alam T20Is Stats

  Matches Runs Highest Score Average Strike Rate 100s 50s
T20I 24 194 28 17.63 114.79 0 0


Fawad Alam First-Class Cricket Stats

  Matches Runs Highest Score Average Strike Rate 100s 50s
First-Class 135 10172 296* 56.51   25 54


PCB Chairman’s Statement about Fawad Alam’s Exclusion from Central Contract 2016-17

The left-handed batsman part of the C-category central contract 2015-16 but he not there on the list of central contract 2016-17.

Then’s PCB Chairman, Shahryar Khan had few words to say on the matter and for sure they would have working out a bit of consolation. The star excluded from the list of central contracted players.

“If it up to me, Fawad would still be among our centrally contracted players,” he said. “I think it was unfair to exclude him. And now, with him getting older, it would be tougher for him to make a comeback to the national side,” said PCB chief speaking to Daily Express.

“Even though a player of Fawad’s caliber is more suitable in Tests instead of ODIs and T20Is, but, fortunately for us, there are many good players available in the format,” he further added.

Inzamam-ul-Haq about Fawad Alam

Ever since Inzi has donned hat as the chief selector of Pakistan’s cricket team, he’s always been saying that Fawad Alam is in radar but we have some great power in the middle order in Tests with players like Younis, Misbah, and Asad Shafiq.

The Chief Selector also asserted that the youngster is never overlooked and he is part of the future plans with the Pakistan cricket team.

The former Pakistani great seemed to mince his own words with his latest action as he didn’t include Alam for the recent Test squad against Sri Lanka. Fawad Alam Age.  It should be kept remembered here that the left-handed long-ignored batsman was most likely to be in the squad as of Younis and Misbah’s replacement.

Fawad Alam’s take about non-selection

It’s never pleasant when someone ignores you, but what worse it can be when you are regularly being ignoring even after doing everything righteously. The same is the case with the 31-years old left-handed batsman as after being ignored by the selection committee initially, he remaining very much optimistic and vowed to respond back with even better performance.

Alam fulfilling his words brilliantly performing around the domestic circles but after being ignored again and again Fawad finally opening up on a TV show back in April 2017.“There are a lot of reasons. Fawad Alam Age. I cannot enlist them on screen but favoritism is there,” Fawad said in a PTV Sports show Red Zone.

“People think it is a rumor but it is a reality. Newcomers are inducting into the national team and are said to be the performers in the domestic circuit, but then where is Fawad Alam scoring all those runs? Is he performing in Bangladesh’s domestic cricket? He is not selecting for his domestic performance while everyone else is picked based on the same criteria.”

At the same time, when he asking about how he remains motivating with everything going out of his hands. “I’m not the only one who has faced all this. This gives me hope and I have made a commitment to myself to not give up. When you are playing a lot of people will try to bring you down and only a few will help you lift yourself up. So I try to stay with people who encourage me,” replied Fawad.

Twitter Reacts as Fawad Alam ignored Yet Again







Fawad Alam Batting

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