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The fight of the year: Mayweather V McGregor

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This summer we’re going to be seeing one of the most anticipated fights in recent Boxing history – the match between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor is definitely one that’s going to be remembered. Both of these men, champions in Boxing and MMA respectively will be pitted against each other in a fight that has been in the works, and teased, for nearly a year. If you are a bit of a better, we would advise you to check out Mayweather V McGregor Betting 2017 for the best range of free bets and odds, for the best fight of 2017!

Mayweather V McGregor Betting 2017

Mayweather V McGregor 2017

Mayweather V McGregor

People are excited for this as it’s going to be a battle of champion – Floyd Mayweather holds an impressive 49-0 record in boxing and was earmarked as the best boxer by ESPN in 2016, making him a firm favourite to win. Conor McGregor conversely doesn’t have the same experience in boxing, but he’s well-known in the MMA scene since he kicked off his career in 2008. Since then he’s had multiple successes, and in 2012 McGregor joined the UFC, where he continued to excel.

McGregor’s relative inexperience when it comes to boxing puts him at a slight disadvantage, which has been reflected in the bookies estimates which have been put out in the run up to the fight. With a victory to Mayweather considered highly likely due to his as-yet unbroken victory streak, it’s a riskier bet to place money on McGregor, but if he pulls it off then the pay-out will be well worth it. Mayweather’s break from boxing due to his retirement has let the odds slide slightly towards McGregor, although it’s very clear that he is still highly formidable and can’t be taken as a light threat when it comes to this fight.

Mayweather V McGregor 2017/18

Mayweather V McGregor Fight

Who is your money on?

Betting on either of the fighters will net a tidy profit – although the odds will give less pay-out for Mayweather due to his unbroken record. He’s not the underdog, as he’s still the undisputed champion in boxing pound for pound. The most unlikely outcome of the fight is a draw, with a win for McGregor coming in second, and a win for Mayweather being the most likely ending. Odds are against the fight ending quickly however, as it’s going to be a tough one for the both of them.

Get involved

With the fight date drawing nearer, if you haven’t already checked out the odds then we highly recommend that you do! This is set to be one of the best bouts in recent history and if there was ever a time to get involved- this is it. Even if you have never placed a bet in your life before, there are plenty of great free bets and high odds to choose from, and should you strike lucky, you could be packing quite a punch when you go to pick up your winnings! So why not add an extra dimension of fun to your viewing pleasure by placing a wager on your favourite fighter?

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