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Four Things You Should Consider Before Buying Cricket Shoes

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If you love cricket, you are awesome. You can find many types of shoes in the market and online both. But when you want to buy a pair of shoes for yourself, you ask your friend and cricket fellows. But you even couldn’t reach the final point.

But you know, the right shoes can increase your overall performance and you can avoid multiple severe injuries on the ground. Here are a few things which you must consider before buying cricket shoes. Let’s start with the better understanding 

Size of Shoes

You can buy shoes across the globe but if you don’t choose the right size, your investment is worthless. As you know, sports shoes are more expensive than traditional shoes. If you don’t buy the right size according to your feet, you can’t perform well. Cricket is the most popular game in Australia and you Buy Cricket Shoes in Australia – Australia.

So, when you go shopping, you should measure your feet. You can sketch your feet. Because there are many sports brands and all have different sizes. The right size can ensure optimum performance.

You should Consider Weight 

Weight of shoe matter especially for the sportsman. There is too much agility required in the field. So, every sport has different implications but when you talk about cricket. You have to run all the time on the ground. You need to have quick feet during running, fielding, batting, and bowling.

You can only do every role in speed if you wear lightweight shoes. So, before buying, you should check the weight of the shoes. You better read the label carefully. If you wear heavy shoes, you can experience broken ankles or feet.

Consider Your Position in Cricket

Before buying any shoes for you, you should consider your position in cricket. There are the following major positions in cricket:


If you are a specialist batsman, you should buy half-spike shoes. Because they provide extra comfort and help in fast running between the wickets. You feel a more balanced and firm grip while running.


Shoes with extra rubber soles help bowlers to run fast on the grassy field. Besides that, you should check the grip of the shoes. Because for the bowlers, ankle comfort is so crucial. Such types of shoes help you to bowl on a good line and length and improve performance.


If you are an all-rounder, you can choose both full or half-spike shoes. Because you have to play two roles in the game. So, when you are on the fielding, you should use a full spike. You can use both shoes alternatively.

Shoes’ Material 

After the selection of the type, it is time to focus on the material of the shoes. You can find different materials such as leather, synthetic, plastic, fabrics, foam, and rubber. So, you prefer according to your need and comfort.

But if we talk about the cricketers, PU or synthetic material is best and durable on the grass cricket ground. As you know, cricket is played in all weathers so you should choose the upper of your shoes carefully.

If you have the next match this weekend, you can buy the best shoes by following the above-mentioned useful tip. Hopefully, you will be the star player in that match.

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