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Top 10 Heaviest Athletes Worldwide

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It’s often said Sports are a legislative event, which brings excitement and passion for winning and succeeding. A sporting event not only involved their player in it, but millions of people are evolved in it. There are numbers of sports playing all over the globe, and their athletes are the pinnacle of the games.There are Top 10 Heaviest Athletes Worldwide e in the world that are making their naming with their physical size.

Heaviest athlete in world

There were few athletes, who grabbed the headlines for their big size instead of their contribution to the game. Well, today we will look at the Top 10 Heaviest Athletes Worldwide.

Top 10 Heaviest Athletes Worldwide



The man that makes to the 10th in this list is an American baseball player, Nate Freiman. The 29 years old Nate made his MLB debut way back in the year 2009 for Oakland Athletics.

Apart from the great sense of baseball, Nate made his name for heaviest athlete with his big size as he is of 250 pounds and this size of Nate Freiman makes him the world’s Heaviest Athlete to play for the MLB.

The dashing baseball player enjoys the batting average of .256 in baseball with 9 Home runs, and he had batted in 39 games. The 29 year old he has a lot to contribute to the baseball game.


A giant of the American football defensive tackle

An American football defensive tackle, T.J Barnes makes second to the 9th position on this list. The 29-year-old Barnes is one of the largest players in league with his massive weights of 364 lbs and a giant height of 6’7″. The long man has played for Georgia Tech defensive tackle and is currently better defensive groups in the league. Barnes’s size gained him a lot of names as his weight and height make him the heaviest man alive in his sports.


King Dulap is aa American football defensive tackle

The another name from the world of American football defensive tackle makes to this list. The Nashville, Tennessee-based American football defensive tackle player, stood at the 8th position on this list.

King Dunlap has an impressive record with his offensive tackle for the San Diego Chargers, and he is considered to be the monster for his massive weight and height.

The 31-year-old King is found to be 330 pounds with the astonishing long height of 6’9”. With such height and weight, it was quite reasonable for Dunlap to make his name immediately in his believed sports. Meanwhile, apart from his weight and height, King has quite an impressive record as the offensive player in his sport, and there is no doubt that he is one of the heavy weighted athletes in the world.


A giant from the game of Football

The former England footballer, Peter Crouch also make to this list. Although, the Peter is not one of the heavy weighted footballers the combination of his height and weight led his name to claim the seven spot in this list.

The 35 years old Peter is measured of 75 kg with a massive height of 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m). The former England striker has an impressive record and has played for the English clubs like Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, and Southhampton.

Meanwhile, Peter Crouch is not the holder of Guinness world record of heaviest man, but his height and weight have made his one of the recognized football player amongst the Heaviest Athletes.


Kristof Van Hout is the part of ongoing ISL 3

The name, Kristof Van Hout is not highly recognizable in the European countries, especially in the football world. But, Kristof is considered to be the heaviest footballer on the planet Earth, thanks to the combination of his massive weight and height.

The Belgium-based goalkeeper found to be of 95 Kg and 6’10” of height. Kristof’s huge size has led his name to this list. Still, not the heaviest footballer in the world, but he stood at the 6th position in this list. Although, the 29-year-old footballer is yet to made his name in International football he made his name in Indian Super League for the Delphi Dynamos.


Craig Smit is found of near 100 kg with the astonishing giant height of 6’8

It did not often justify when Golfer’s name came to such list, but Craig Smith has enough size to claim the 5th spot in this unique list. It’s seen that the Golfer with the shorter height considered being the heaviest one. But Craig Smith has completed turned down this.

Considered to one of the heavyweight Golfer, Craig Smit is found of near 100 kg with the astonishing giant height of 6’8. Meanwhile, it is a fact that Craig has not achieved a lot in the world of Golf but his Twitter handle speak itself for the size of the man, @craiggiantsmith. Although, it will not be unfair to call him one of the Heaviest Athletes in the universe he is one of the heaviest in the game of Golf.


Julius is unarguably the heaviest fighter in the world in current crops of players


Nicknames “Towering Inferno” justifies the inclusion of Julius in this list. Julius Long is no doubt, one of the biggest boxers in the world with massive weight and height. Weighing around 300 pounds, Julius is unarguably the heaviest fighter in the world in current crops of players.

The 33-year-old boxer is yet to win a recognized Boxing Championship, and the biggest moment came for Julius when he defeated Jason Williams in New Zealand in 2013, thus breaking he nine-time losing streak.


The Croatian-born tennis player is found of 230 pounds to go on with the massive size of 6’11”

Tennis is a Sport,which is embraced with slim and fit athletes. But in the same sporting world, Ivo Karlovic stands tall with his astonishing weight and size.

The Croatian-born tennis player is found of 230 pounds and 6’11” tall. And it makes him one of the Heaviest Athletes. Unarguably one of the massive tennis players in the world. Ivo Karlovic was at his best in 2008, when reached 14th rankings.


Paul Donald Wight famously known as Big Show is one of the heaviest athletes on the planet

Well, the name justifies the inclusion of this man in this list. Wrestlers are not considered to be the athletes in the sporting community. One should not forget that it requires a lot to do amazing stuff that WWE wrestlers do. Big Show is one of the heaviest athletes on the planet.

A professional wrestler that earned massive respect in WWE world. He has astonishing weight of 450 pounds to go with the height of at 7’0. Big Show even tied his acting skills in couple of movies.


Hong Man Choi is measured around 352 pounds

The South Korean based MMA fighter, Hong Man Choi claimed the No 1 spot in this list of Heaviest Athletes. The 34-year-old former Ssireum wrestler is one of the largest athlete to walk this planet. Hong Man Choi is measured 0f 352 pounds, and his height makes the height of 7’2″. Recently, Hong lost a game and soon he will get the chance to square it.This world is blessed with these talented athletes, and the millions of people admire them. And, this list is analyzed with the combination of the height and the weight of the athletes. All of athletes claimed their spot in the list of Top 10 Heaviest Athletes Worldwide, on the back of their hard work.

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