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Kiev 2018 UCL: Is It Liverpool’s Year?

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It’s been a long and exciting road to the Champions League Final in Kiev, Ukraine. It was looking a bit scary for The Reds last Wednesday against Roma. Roma was knocking at the door, just one goal away from tying the aggregate score.

It wasn’t much different for Real Madrid. Bayern München was also knocking at the door of sending the match into extra time. But alas, Spain’s boys in white escaped with a draw and move on to the Final in Kiev on May 26 at 7:45 GMT (1:45 PM NY EST).

Kiev 2018 UCL: Is It Liverpool’s Year?

Kiev 2018 UCL

Kiev 2018 UCL: Prediction

Liverpool came into the Champions League as a qualifier … and now they are in the Final. It’s been a wild ride.

“It sounds crazy, but it is the truth; we will go to Kiev. It’s a difficult moment. So for this group to go into the final is exceptional. All of the knocks over the season with injuries at the wrong moments and stuff like that (really difficult). You cannot go into a Champions League final with ‘nice football’ constantly being better than the other team, that’s not possible. And you have to suffer from time to time. That’s how it is and we’ve suffered. These boys go constantly over their limit.” – Interview excerpts from Jürgen Klopp

An Arduous Road

It was a tough road for both teams, as I mentioned above, Real Madrid looked a bit nervous against Bayern and in the quarter-final versus Juventus, they were hard-pressed. Real scraped by, scoring with the last kick of the game as the clock wound down in the final minute of the game.

Real Madrid has weaknesses and some more vulnerability than the last couple years. But they are used to the big time. Liverpool can’t count on Real Madrid making pressure related mistakes … they have been on this stage before. We’re talking Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, Luka Modric.

Liverpool style is fitting to win it all in the UCL though. They excel in one-off situations with their high-energy, heavy press play. I mean, look at it. The Reds are standing on top of Europe, but they are 20+ points back in the EPL. 14 of those points have come from dropped points from winning positions.

They have also rotated their starting 11 a lot. This has cost them some points in the EPL because of the ever changing-dynamic, but it has kept them fresh and with the ability to pound through the Champions League.

Kiev 2018 UCL Prediction

Kiev 2018 UCL: Who will be the winner?

There Will be Goals

Liverpool will have to stick to what has been working and press the attack. If they can keep Real Madrid on their heels and playing nervous like Real have in their last couple of Champions matches, they can hoist the trophy.

But like we mentioned above, for Real, this is like any other game. They won’t crack completely and I don’t have to mention that they have plenty of talent on the attack as well.

When we review one of the top online football betting sites Heritage Sports, we see that the match is fairly close to the bookmakers. Real Madrid is favoured slightly at 2.20 (1.2 to 1) to win the Final. Liverpool isn’t a long-shot though at 2.80 (1.8 to 1).

But the aggregate scores for both of the teams have been high of late, so I really like there to be a lot of goals netted in Kiev.

Heritage has OVER 3 ¼ goals scored at just 1.93 which is a steal in my book. That means for every 107 pounds or dollars laid, you return 100. Both teams are going to lay it on the line, and The Reds will attack hard enough that they will leave themselves open for some quick return pop-shots at the hands of Ronaldo and his men.

I do think that this is Liverpool’s year … but moreover, there will be goals.

UCL Final Prediction – 4 Goals Scored.

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