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La Liga president worried about European football scenario

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Javier Tebas, the president of the world’s favourite soccer league, La Liga, has recently expressed his worry about the sport of football in Europe. While talking about European football, it is hinted that La Liga president worried about European football and its stability.

La Liga president worried about European football scenario

La Liga president worried

Javier Tebas worried about European Football’s future

Earlier, Tebas was noted criticizing rich football clubs like Paris Saint-Germain, accusing them of “cheating economically”. This was shortly after Neymar left Barcelona to join the Ligue 1 team this summer, becoming the most expensive transfer. He had said back then that the clubs invent fictitious sponsors that are linked to the states, and thus find the power to make huge investments.

While talking to Guillem Balague of Sky Sports, Tebas mentioned that he has been observing the condition of Manchester City, and said that he find the appearance of state-owned soccer clubs a matter of great concern. He added that after monitoring MUFC for a year, the stability of the entire European football has left him worried, and it isn’t just about La Liga.

He went on to say that the soccer industry is no more the same as it used to be, even a decade ago, and there’s a lack of regulation for the prevention of the sport in different countries, which has led to this situation. He continued that since the investments in players by PSG and City are 30 percent more than the next highest investors, a lot can be understood about the appearance of sponsors.

President of La Liga

Javier Tebas is the current President of La Liga

He thinks that either they are the biggest geniuses when it comes to marketing, or have won some kind of a lottery. He added that many decisions regarding European football have been affecting the competitiveness among the teams. While it is not a matter of concern for him if teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid win the league, it worries then to see them win by 100 points.

In a soccer league of twenty like in case of Spanish or English leagues, they now have to struggle, so that they can win the leagues with a total of around 80-85 points, and it does not matter who wins in the end, as long as the standard of football is maintained, with good competition.

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