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Latest: Imad Wasim’s Girlfriend Leaked clear face Videos, Pictures & Audio Calls

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If you think the latest scandal ‘Imad Wasim Leaked Pictures’ just ended up after the star player came up with the clearance video over the matter, then you’re totally wrong as the alleged girlfriend of the star player is this time up with some solid proofs.

Imad Wasim Leaked Videos, Pictures & Audio Calls

At first, the Afghani-descent woman living in Netherlands leaked private photos of her with Imad but blurred her face as she wasn’t willing to reveal her identity. But as soon the things seem to slip in Imad Wasim’s favor, especially after Pakistani all-rounder in a video message asked fans and media to dump all such rumors, the lady tried to make people believe with more of the solid proofs.

In the latest turn of events, the woman unveiled photos without hiding her face and followed up it with more of the private videos, photos, WhatsApp conversations and audio call recordings. With all this much with her, the anonymous lady as far now seems winning the battle.

The most concerning thing out there is that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) so far has remained mum over all this eye-opening scandal and has issued no probe into it. The point which is pertinent to mention here is that PCB is rigid with their no tolerance policy towards discipline and as the things are proceeding if the T20 specialist all-rounder is proven guilty, he’ll be most likely to face suspension or fine.

Imad Wasim’s Leaked Videos, Photos & Audio Calls

The women were never there to sit up after Imad Wasim cleared the matter; she took things to the next level and revealed clear photos of her. With adding more power to his stance against Imad Wasim, whom he alleged to make fake promises of marriage, the anonymous lady came up with videos, audio call recording and WhatsApp conversations as a solid proof. And with all this much out, people are actually looking at PCB to make a probe into this matter.



Imad Wasim Leaked Photos

On Monday evening, An Afghani-descent woman, who reportedly lives in Netherlands claimed that she had been in relation with the Pakistani all rounder for quite some time but the things get worst when the star player avoided him and finally break any kid of ties with her.

Imad Wasim’s Video Message after Leaked Photos


The Wales-born star all-rounder didn’t take much longer to let the rumors and leaked vides create buzz, he immediately came up with the clearance video, which was a kind of comprehensive video which also had some serious advice for the media out there. The left-handed batsmen also told that it isn’t quite often he comes up for the special videos on social media, but after seeing the hoopla all around, he actually couldn’t  hold back.

In his video message, he asked fans not to believe each and everything on the internet and at the same time, he also declined other rumors floating all around regarding him. With the confident video coming from the star himself, cricket-fans for once thought it might be a kind of hoax in this modern era of social media.

Imad Wasim Leaked Conversation 

In any case, the alleged leaked WhatsApp Conversation showed the Pakistani star making promising of marrying the girl. It pertinent to mention here that validity of such photos and conversations is still to be made. Any of the hasty decision isn’t promoting through all this material.

Imad Wasim Alleged Hotel Room

Finally, the girl claimed that Imad Wasim flew to London to met her this summer. Moreover, the anonymous girl also attached the photos for proving her statement.



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