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Lionel Messi may leave Barcelona for free after Catalonia independence

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It seems that there might be some bad news for Barcelona, as their star player and one of the greatest footballers of all-time Lionel Messi could leave Barcelona, with no transfer fee, if and when Catalonia separates from Spain and the club ceases to be part of the four leagues of Europe, according to the reports of El Mundo, the Spanish newspaper, as they cited the clause in Messi’s new contract. The all time top scorer of the club signed this contract in November, which was seven months before the expiration of the old one, and will run till 2021. It also contains a buyout clause of €700M i.e. $843M. But after all this, Lionel Messi may leave Barcelona for free.

Lionel Messi may leave Barcelona for free after Catalonia independence

Messi may leave Barcelona

Messi may leave Barcelona after Catalonia Independence

However, it was also mentioned by El Mundo that his contract allows Messi to leave the club for free post Catalonia’s independence push if it results in the club’s exit from Spain’s top flight, of them not joining the Serie A, Bundersliga or Premier League. It is at this club that Messi has spent his entire club career.


A spokesman of Barca said that in order to maintain the confidentiality of the parties involved, the club does not want to comment on the contracts that they sign with the players, and they do not intent to do so in the future either. The management team of the La Liga top scorer 2017-18, Lionel Messi, was unavailable for comments, too. The political crisis that Catalonia’s demand for independence has triggered is still an unresolved issue, as the separatists have a thin parliamentary majority in last month’s regional election.

Lionel Messi may leave Barca

Catalonia Independence clause of Messi

Messi’s contract was signed before the vote, but after the Catalan independence autumn referendum which was declared illegal by the Madrid authorities. It had Barca’s direct ramifications, who played the La Liga match against Las Palmas in a hush-hush, protected manner, responding to the violence of police against people who were trying to vote. La Liga president Javier Tebas has said repeatedly that Barca would have to exit the Spanish league, alongside all Catalan clubs in case there is secession. This is because, only teams belonging to Spain and Andorra are allowed to play in the Spanish leagues. Barca has refused to make predictions regarding the future of the club, or their association with their star player.

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