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Most Popular Moments in Football History

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Those who follow it with all heart and soul, football can be very touching game. Involving tons of people, their emotions, fair play by the players and tributes to the renowned ones, football is an addiction that most people would die for. In the lines that follow, you will come across some of the most Popular Moments in Football history.

 Most Popular Moments in Football History

Most Popular Moments in Football History

1. De Stefano Gives his Shirt to Eusebio

Played in 1962, the European Cup Final between Real Madrid and Benfica is the match where it all happened. Real Madrid was leading with 3-2 until an excellent round from the tough player Eusebio flipped the game entirely. When the final whistle was blown, De Stefano gave his shirt to his rival, Eusebio which signified the passing of the torch. This left Eusebio touched for he cannot express the honor he was treated with.

2. Sociedad and Athletic Unite for Freedom

The two teams were tough rivals until 1976 when the rivalry was put to one side and both clubs united for freedom. Spain at this time was still a fascist where it was illegal to even raise a flag of the Basque or Catalan region.

3. Petrov Returns to Villa Park

In 2012, Stiliyan Petrov of the Aston Villa was diagnosed with acute Leukemia which made him take an indefinite leave. However, when he returned to watch his team play against Chelsea, he was honored by standing ovation the crowd gave him in the 19th minute. 19 happens to be Petrov’s shirt number.

4. Iniesta’s Win for Dani Jarque

In World Cup 2010, when Andres Iniesta managed to score the final goal against Spain, the attacker then removed his shirt to reveal another t-shirt which said Dani Jarque: Siempre con Nosotros or as translated to English, Dani Jarque: always with us!

5. Carlisle United Saved by Jimmy Glass

With the clock ticking at full speed, Carlisle United needed a goal to stay in the game. The two clubs were tied at 1-1 when Jimmy Glass hit home what is known as the most dramatic goal ever in football history.

6. Eric Abidal’s Come Back

In 2011, Abidal was diagnosed with a liver tumor and had surgery done for the same. After recovering from the surgery, he made a great comeback and successfully played a 90-minute game against Manchester United only a month later. He was then given the honor of carrying the winning trophy to show how well loved he was by his teammates.

7. Eduardo Scores on his Return

In February 2008, when Eduardo suffered a terrible leg break, it was predicted that he would never be able to return to football. However a year later, he made his comeback in a match against Cardiff City in the FA Cup. Eduardo then hit a goal which brought back strong emotions of both the players and the viewers.

8. Fabrics Muamba Returns

Considering the great fall collapse of Muamba in the FA cup game against Tottenham some may look at it as a miracle as to how he is alive today. He suffered a cardiac arrest which stopped his heart for a full 78 minutes. He was then revived and his full recovery was promised and delivered.

These were Popular Moments in Football.


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