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PTV Sports Anchor Fazeela Saba Height, Age, Biography, Personal Life, Photos, Interviews, Videos

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Years back cricket was taken as the sports only for men and lacked the women involvement in it, especially in cricket –fanatic countries like Pakistan and India. But now things have changed as women cricket is a concrete concept and it also has dedicated ICC mega-events. As the cricket for female has become a globally accepted concept, it also brought women in the field as cricket journalists, hosts, and presenters.

The idea of female cricket anchor and presenter prospered years back with the popularity of Indian Premier League and now the neighboring country Pakistan even has several female sports anchor and hosts in the business. Fazeela Saba is one of the female sports anchors of Pakistan who is giving other contenders run for their money with her elegance and knowledge about the gentleman’s game.

Fazeela Saba Biography

Fazeela Saba Age


Fazeela Saba Height

5 feet 7 inches

Fazeela Saba City


Fazeela Saba Education

M.A. in English Literature from University of Karachi

Fazeela, the PTV sports anchor actually knows about the tricks and trade of the industry as her efforts to grab the limelight never go worthless. In the current scenarios, it won’t be wrong to say that Fazeela Saba is the joint sensation along with Zainab Abbas of the Pakistan Cricket fans out there.

Apart from this, one can’t question her credibility with cricketing knowledge as previously she has been hosting cricket talk shows on Geo Sports, and has also penned down her takes on happenings in cricket for prestigious news outlets like Dawn and Tribune. If you think Saba accidentally got slipped in as the cricket anchor then you’re wrong as it was her childhood dream to do so. With this one thing is sure that Fazeela had some serious love for the game of cricket since long. And now with the things working superbly in his favor, Saba intends to become the number one female sports anchor of Pakistan.

Fazeela Saba Husband

Fazeela Saba holds massive followers on her Twitter and Facebook account, and many of them are always curious to know about the marital status of this beauty with brains. Being a professional lady, Saba very well knows how to keep her personal life away from the limelight. One doesn’t even know about her marital status and with the sources around it seems that this sports anchor is single till now.

Fazeela Saba Personal Life

Fazeela Saba, one of the prominent female cricket anchors of Pakistan, had the childhood dream to become the cricket anchor since her childhood. Her outspoken and way of jolting down his opinion is something that makes her stand tall amid other female sports anchors out there. Saba’s success story isn’t about strenuous efforts and going out of the box, she got her dreams come true with the turn of events in several months. Saba got her M.A. in English Literature from the University of Karachi and later went on chasing her dreams as a sports anchor.

Fazeela Saba Success Story

Fazeela’s success story is a modern-day story where talent suffers least. Things superbly worked Saba’s way as soon as she made a move to get herself in as the sports journalist. The beauty with the brain actually knew her worth and other than going to different sports news outlets there she online applied through the Talent Website of Geo and things immediately after turned her way. The talent team of Geo Sports didn’t left her waiting for too long and gave her the well-deserved opportunity into the matter of days.

After Fazeela Saba applied on Talent website, the team approached her within a week and with realizing her potential, Geo Talent team hired her as an anchor in next month straight away. After becoming part of the Geo Sports team, it took her two months to learn the tricks and trade of the field after doing so she never looked back and proved herself as one of the best female sports anchors of Pakistan.

Fazeela Saba Geo Sports

After being hired as an anchor, Fazeela Saba didn’t take long to grab the limelight. Her sports talk shows like Super Gossip on Geo Super boosted her aim to become Pakistan’s number one female sports journalist. Her time learning things from Geo Super production team worked brilliantly her way and she even credits them to develop her as an anchor. “Every person here helped me develop as an anchor. They (Geo Super Production Team) taught me everything that was required and I was able to complete the training in two months”, said Fazeela Saba.

Fazeela Saba Career

She never looked back after getting in the scenarios through Geo Super and has done multiple cricket talk shows, hosting, match presentation and much more. The next big stop for Saba was PTV Sports, where she took things working with shows like ‘Game on Hai’.  Moreover, she also penned down her cricket knowledge for Tribune, Dawn and Scoreline Asia. It will be pertinent to mention here that she hosted presentation ceremonies of the domestic cricket matches and also came up with the exciting interviews of the star cricketers.

Fazeela Saba Sports RJ

Fazeela Saba as Sports Rj

This cricket-loving beauty isn’t reluctant to go out of the box for her fans and this time she is all set to bit revolutionize the things for her fans out there as she’s all set to host biggest sports shows on radio FM 89.4. The first episode of this long-awaited radio show will be going live on 26th October at 8 pm. The thing which will be working as icing on the cake for cricket fans out there is the latest Pakistan cricket’s sensation, Imam-ul-Haq will be present as the guest of Saba’s debut show as RJ.

Fazeela Saba Photos

Fazeela Saba Videos & Interviews

Fazeela Saba Fun with Cricketers

Fazeela Saba insulting Umar Akmal during Presentation Ceremony

She knows who to get her way in the headlines or get viral on social media. In one of such moves, she knocked down Umar Akmal with her brilliant sense of humor. Fazeela Saba, who was the host of the presentation ceremony at the domestic match, took a dig at the ‘Man of the Match’ Umar Akmal for being disciplined in the batting bit, not in the dressing room or other activities. The controversial Akmal tried to respond back efficiently but it was way too late as Saba stole the show even in the beginning.

Fazeela Saba preferred Ben Stokes over Hardik Pandya

Fazeela Saba is known for being vocal, outspoken and expressing her thoughts in a brilliant way.  Last month she did something very same as she questioned Indian media’s claims of Hardik Pandya’s comparison with the star English all-rounder Ben Stokes. What came next was an outcry and trolling from the Indian cricket fans but that too would have worked Saba’s way as she made headlines into some prestigious Indian media outlets.

Fazeela Saba selfie with Darren Sammy

During World Xi’s tour to Pakistan, Saba posted her selfie with the West Indian star Darren Sammy and fans couldn’t stop themselves from gushing. It should be kept noted here that PTV sports anchor posted this photo before the interview with Darren Sammy was soon to go live on PTV World.

Fazeela Saba and Imam-ul-Haq

The last but not the least, Fazeela Saba once again became the reason to search on Google after her Twitter banter with Imam-ul-Haq went viral. The former Geo Super anchor wished the spectacles man on Twitter for his brilliant knock on debut, but what came next was least accepted as Imam-ul-Haq replied this young lady saying her ‘Fazeela Aunty’.

Fazeela Saba Facebook


Fazeela Saba Twitter

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