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Sports events that even non-fans love to watch

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Sport, of any kind, has always had a strong and powerful association with its fans. When you think of sporting events, you often think of fans piling into a stadium, huddling around a track or switching on their TV’s to soak up as much of an event as possible. You think of die hard lovers who think about how their team will get on the weekend, who talk to their friends and partners about little else and who sleep in their teams kits and shirts.

Sports events that even non-fans love to watch

Fans are what make sport special and they give it something which makes it unique from other forms of entertainment. Because, at the end of the day, sport is supposed to be entertaining. There are though, some sports events, which are so popular or important or well known or rare, sometimes even all of these things combined, which get even people who aren’t that interested in sport watching. They are magical events which grip people’s imaginations, which allow everyone to get involved and which become treasured memories, even for people who will go back to not caring about the sport after.

This is not just limited to one sport either, most sports, the big popular ones at least, have matches that rise above the noise to be watched by millions, if not billions, of people across the world. They are the events that get people saying, “ah normally I hate sport but I watched that game last week and it was just magical.” These are often enjoyed as much for the culture around them as the actual sport on the field. These are some of the most exciting of these special and rare events.

The Super Bowl

American football is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is not something that is beloved outside of America. Of course you get some fans outside of the USA, however it is not a global sport like, say, soccer or tennis. But, when the Super Bowl comes around, people turn on their sites to see it. They want to see the grandeur, they want to see the expense and they want to see the adverts.

Sports events

Sports events that even non-fans love to watch

As the Eagles managed to beat the Patriots, Twitter was buzzing as much about the halftime show and the million dollar adverts, as it was about Nick Foles and his clever touchdown catch. It is a sport that is widely watched by people who don’t watch a single game in the regular NFL season and thus rises above its sport.

Cheltenham Gold Cup

Horse Racing, like the NFL, is not one of the those sports that is widely loved. It is a bit of a niche and is not loved the world over and even in countries where it is popular, it is never close to being that countries most popular sport. Once again, similarly to the NFL, there are cultural aspects of Horse Racing that make certain events popular to fans outside the sport.

The main one is the fact that Horse Racing is very closely linked to betting. There are whole bookmakers devoted to the Cheltenham festival, one of the biggest Horse Racing festivals in the world. Websites give away free betting offers for Cheltenham because they want people to be on their site during the festival. With the Gold Cup being the most important race, it is also one of the most watched, thus making in an event that gets everyone watching.

The World Cup Final in Soccer

Even for people who have never watched a ball being kicked, the World Cup in soccer holds some significance. It is a special day that gets billions of viewers and is the most popular of all sporting events. No matter who plays in the final, people tune in.

The world’s most watched sport is, of course, very popular when it gets to its final stages and is an utterly magic event. It is always done with a degree of glamour and of grandeur, but not quite as much as the superbowl. It is an event that always gets people watching.

The 100m final at the Olympics

Athletics is not a particularly popular sport, but the 100m sprint is always widely watched and is something which people love.

Sports events that even non-fans love to watch

Sports Events

Perhaps it is something about just watching people push themselves, or the lack of equipment, but it is one of those events that is loved by all.

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