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10 Teammates Who Hate Each Other (UPDATED)

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In the modern society most us are stuck with colleagues whom we hate. In the highly glamorous yet competitive profession of sports, the picture is no different. Rivalry between teams is quite common, but have you heard about the infamous feuds between teammates? If not, then it is the time to get familiar with it as it is the time for the list of Teammates Who Hate Each Other.

The extreme pressure to perform, defeat and win a game creates stress which manifests itself as locker room brawls. Some of these personal differences and ego clashes are exposed by the media and some go unobserved .Here is a list of the dirty linens hidden behind the razzmatazz of the game world:

10 Teammates Who Hate Each Other

Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale

Teammates Who Hate Each Other

If news reports are to be believed the Real Madrid heroes are not much happy about each other. It all started with one wrong decision of Gareth Bale of not passing the ball even after getting a wonderful opportunity and thus losing the La Liga. The media was fast enough to catch the unpleasant expression of Ronaldo . The root cause of this ‘dislike’ stems from the fact that Real Madrid paid an exorbitant sum to Gale but the figure remained undisclosed as it had the potential of upsetting Ronaldo. Though Real Madrid has many times refuted all claims of a feud between Ronaldo and Bale can anything escape the watchful eyes of the fans?

Tiger Woods and Steve Williams


It is one shocking tale of split between a dedicated caddie and an ace golfer. Williams had been known to be a bully in the media circle. His infamous activities include breaking photographer’s cameras to uttering foul remarks about Phil Mickelson, Wood’s arch rival. Nevertheless, Woods handled all these unwanted incidents and still never a scratch developed in their friendship. It ran so deep that Woods participated in celebrity races inspired by Williams. The best buddies also attended each other’s weddings. However, after Tiger Wood’s car crash and an appalling saga of adultery that followed, Wood’s suddenly fired Williams taking him by surprise. The public would probably never know the full truth behind Wood’s decision.

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Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant


The National Basketball Association players are so popular for their conflict that a whole Wikipedia page is floating in the internet on this topic! O’Neal and Kobe played for the Los Angeles Lakers and were teammates from 1996-2004. Even with the continuous clashes the magic duo won matches in 2000,2001 and 2002. The two have recently mended the loopholes on podcast. It seems like age have instilled maturity in them and both now regret making public their fight and stretching it beyond revival.

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Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador


The Astana cycling teammates and great cyclists cannot stand each other’s company. They have been very public about their bitter opinion regarding each other. The stale relationship between Armstrong and Contador pumped up more recently when the Spaniard, Contador in 2009 defeated Armstrong a seven times winner of Tour de France in his own game.

Derek Jeters and Alex Rodriguez


A whole timeline can be sculptured on the sour rapport shared by the Jeters and A-Rod, players of the New-York Yankees. The pair has complimented each other with unkind words which are etched in the history of time. Stories flying across the universe portray how Jeters called A-Rod a loser and did not invite him over an ice-cream treat where all other Yankees were called. A-Rod on his part broke a yankee clubhouse tradition by taking the last chocolate chip cookie. Well, we can quite conclude the feuds between this baseball stars are not much bitter and they just need to accept each other the way they are.

John fashanu and Lawrie Sanchez


The players were members of the Wimbledon Football Club and very infamous for the ‘Crazy Gang’. John Fashanu is known to be a rogue player who was brutal with both his opponents and colleagues. Lawrie Sanchez slapped Fashanu when the latter asked every team member to jog and pointed his finger at Lawrie. Fashanu reacted by asking other members to disperse and took Lawrie for a walk where Lawrie pummelled Fashanu.  To seek revenge Fashanu tried injuring Lawrie’s calf muscle to derail his career as a footballer. However though he repeatedly kicked Lawrie to injure him permanently, the immense strength of Lawrie’s legs did not let Fashanu’s evil plan succeed.

Tony Parker and Brent Barry


Famous basketball player Tony Parker who played for National Basketball Association ruined the professionalism when he cheated on his wife by getting into an intimate relationship with ex-teammate Brent Barry’s wife Erin Barry. Gabrielle of Desperate Housewife cast, Eva Longoria was Parker’s wife who discovered several intimate text exchanges between her husband and Erin. Erin had denied this and said since both the couples were going through divorce at the same time such malicious speculations are being weaved.

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Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso


The McLaren teammates got involved in trashing each other while on the tracks of the Formula 1 World Championship race in 2007. When the two were busy blocking each other’s way in the fast paced sports, the Finnish Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen grabbed the first position. Alonso managed to be second followed by Hamilton. While Alonso was accused by Hamilton of foul play, the then chief of McLaren Ron Dennis believes the avoidable ugly turn of event had been kick-started by immature Hamilton.

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Percy Harvin and Golden Tate


The night before Super Bowl XLVIII something very ugly happened. Reports had been received from various quarters regarding that shameful incident. Tate was body slammed by Harvin and Tate’s neck was feared to be broken. Soon after the hideous event Harvin was traded by Seattle Seahawks to New York Jets stunning the entire American Football fraternity.

Teddy Sheringham and Andy Cole


The Manchester United players played side by side supporting each other for four years yet they never shared a nice bond off the fields. Thankfully for the fans of Manchester United their personal differences and dislike never affected their game. The seed of this disconnection between them lies in one small incident that happened when Cole interacted with Sheringham for the first time. The snobby attitude of Sheringham made Cole feel ‘small’ and insulted. On top of it Sheringham never ever realised his behaviour to be wrong and hence no apology was crafted. Cole took this to heart and never forgave his teammate.


More to add up in the list of Teammates Who Hate Each Other, feel free to comment below.

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