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Top 10 Best Moments Rio Olympics 2017

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Olympics is all about those special moments which not only gives us joy but inspire us and show the strength of the human spirit which is the essence of the Olympics. Over the years Olympics has been witness to some of the greatest sports moments in human history, be it the record-breaking runs athletes that have redefined the limits of the human body or the moments which showed that courage defeats all barriers. Though the Rio Olympics has just started, it has already had its fair share of great moments and we count them down in Top 10 Best Moments Rio Olympics 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Moments Rio Olympics 2016

Top 10 Best Moments Rio Olympics 2017

Lilly King’s gold medal

At number 10 in Top 10 Best Moments Rio Olympics 2017 is Lilly King’s gold medal. Things had been heating up between Lilly King and her Russian rival Yulia Efimova in the build up to the event. Both dissed each other in the public on many occasions with Lilly even calling out her rival and talking about her past of using performance enhancing substances, so their event was hotly anticipated and Lilly had the last laugh. Not only did she win the gold medal in the breaststroke event but also broke the Olympic record in the process. It was one of the best Olympic moments 2017.

US Field Hockey team defeats Argentina

At number 9 is US Field Hockey team defeats Argentina. As dominant America is in Olympic, it has never achieved anything significant in women’s field hockey. The best finish they ever had was the fifth place so not much was expected from the match as they were up against the second-ranked team in the world Argentina but the match was a stunner as America won 2-1. Things seem to be looking up for America if they continue to play like this and maybe they can finally remove field hockey from the events in which America is yet to win a gold medal. It was one of the best Olympic moments ever.

Katie Ledecky breaking the world record

At number 8 in Top 10 Best Moments Rio Olympics 2017 is Katie Ledecky breaking the world record. Katie Ledecky despite being 19 is one of the biggest names in women water sports and to the buildup of the Olympic she was stated to be a favorite to win many events. She, while being one of the hottest Olympians ever, certainly didn’t disappoint as not only did she annihilate her competition in the 400m freestyle event but also broke her own world record in the process. After her dominant display, she is favorite to pick up a few more medal before the Olympic ends. It was one of the top 10 Olympic moments.

Rio Olympic Opening Ceremony

At number 7 in Top 10 Best Moments Rio Olympics 2017 is Rio Olympic Opening Ceremony. The opening ceremonies are always the highlight of any Olympic because every year they are different and they depend on which country is hosting it as we get to see a flavor of that country’s culture. It was one of the best Olympic opening ceremony ever showcasing one of the best Olympic theme songs ever. Rio Opening Ceremony was awesome and while the entire list can be filled with moments from the opening ceremony because it was that great the standouts moments were the Light show that showed Brazil Artistry, the Go Green Olympic Rings, the awesome Parkour sequence and the samba performance of supermodel Giselle along with the crowd. It was one of the greatest moments in Olympic history.

Japanese Player Unique Point

At number 6 is Japanese Player’s Unique Point. During the tennis match between Japan’s Kei Nishikori and Spain’s Albert Ramos-Vinolas, Kei got a point of a really bizarre sequence of events. While serving Kei dropped his racket during the follow-up and paused as if he had lost the point but Ramos-Vinolas returned the serve he quickly picked his racket up and rallied to win a point. This was one of the most bizarre ways of winning a point and well Kei did win the match later. It was one of the memorable Olympic moments 2017.

Ibtihaj Muhammad

At number 5 in Top 10 Best Moments Rio Olympics 2017 is Ibtihaj Muhammad, who is also one of the hottest female Rio Olympic participants. It’s not always about winning medals but about overcoming hurdles. At a time when Muslims have had to face a lot of discrimination for following Islam due to the action of some extremist organization, the image of a hijab-wearing woman representing USA brings a lot of happiness. Though she lost, she made history by becoming the first athlete to participate in Olympics while wearing a hijab. It was one of the best moments of the Olympics.

Rafael Silva’s gold

At number 4 in Top 10 Best Moments Rio Olympics 2017 is Rafaela Silva’s gold. While many athletes are winning the gold medal, what makes Rafaela Silva’s gold special is the fact that she hails from “City of God” favela from Western Rio. There are many things wrong in Brazil and poor conditions inside favelas and the crime there is among them. Rafaela Silva’s gold in Judo which was also the first for the host nations holds a great symbolic value for the nation as it was the galvanizing point for the entire nation to be happy about and the fact that despite hailing for favela she went through the tournament making one upset after another makes the people happier. It was one of the top Olympic moments.

Tennis Upsets

At number 3 in Top 10 Best Moments Rio Olympics 2017 is Tennis Upsets. Whenever we see an upset during a sporting event it is a mixed feeling, though we are frustrated by the fact that our favorite star lost, we also feel happy for the fact that an underdog came on top.  Rio’s Olympic Tennis events have been all about Upsets. Just when Venus Williams’s first round exit was still fresh in memory now Novak Djokovic, the world number 1 saw himself getting ousted by Juan Martin Del Potro. Serena and Venus Williams who were among the favorites to get a podium finish got eliminated from the doubles event. This really is a season of upsets.

Venue worker proposes Rugby player

At number 2 in Top 10 Best Moments Rio Olympics 2017 is Venue worker proposing Rugby Player. Though this moment is not related to sports, it’s equally special. Rio Olympics is already in the new for having the largest number of gay and lesbian athletes ever which will be a great win for the LGBT community but what made the moment special was when rugby player Isadora Cerullo was proposed by her partner Marjorie Enya. Enya wanted it to be special and she couldn’t have picked a better way. It was one of the inspirational Olympic moments.

Michael Phelps’s 19th gold medal

At number 1 in Top 10 Best Moments Rio Olympics 2017 is Michael Phelps’s 19th gold medal. The most decorated player in the history of Olympics already had 18 gold medal (double of that of the next athlete) and it was expected that he will take his tally even forward in his last Olympic but who knew Michael Phelps will start doing it from the 2nd day itself. Being in the crucial anchor position for his relay team, he blazed past opposition to get his 19th gold and 23rd overall Olympic Medal. Looking at his form, it won’t be surprising if he gets this number even higher. It was one of the inspirational stories from the Olympics.

The days of the Olympics is yet to end but we still have had so many Best Moments Rio Olympics and looking ahead one can only imagine how many more historic moments we will witness before this grand spectacle comes to an end.

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