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Cross Fit Athletics started as a one-day competition with just 70 athletes in 2007 has exploded into an international multi-stage event, including Open and Regional competitions and culminating in the Games, a crazy-tough spectacle of 40 men and 40 women, whittled down from an initial pool of hundreds of thousands.


The aim of the Games is to find what Cross Fit deems the “Fittest On Earth,” and in order to do that, the challenges of the competition aren’t announced until right before the Games begin. which means that the athletes can’t target-train for the specific events but instead must exhibit many attributes of fitness, from raw strength to strength-endurance to speed to power. Let us take a look at the Cross fit athletes.

Top 10 Cross Fit Athletes

10. Dan Bailey:

Cross fit Athletes 2016


We start our list of Cross fit Athletes 2016 with Dan Bailey. Bailey is the media darling of Cross Fit, working for the headquarters and often used as the face of the sport. He’s competing out of California this year, having moved out of the North East region. Jentgen points out that as a former collegiate sprinter, he’s likely to do well in short, fast events. Bailey has been in cross fit for over 2 years and he quotes  his experience as, “I began Cross Fit by trying it alone without a coach. Have completed the Cross Fit Level 1 certificate course. I have attended one or more specialty courses. I train other people”

9. Scott Panchik:

Cross fit Athletes 2016


The next cross fit athlete to come to our list in Scott Panchik. “Panchik is one of the guys who wasn’t the best because Froning always beat him in Regionals, but he was always close,” says Nief. He’s someone who is built for CrossFit-he’s very strong and doesn’t seem to get tired.  “He always will be a threat to finish on the podium,” Nief says. Weighing 187 pounds, Panchik is a former college running back is a perennial games placer.

8. Daniel Tyminski:

Cross fit Athletes 2016


The 29 year old cross fit athlete residing from New York, Daniel Tyminski is the next in our list of Cross fit Athletes 2016.

A would-be major contender in last year’s Games, Tyminski earned not a spot on the podium but a long-recovery–during chest-ups, he sprained his shoulder so badly he had to drop out of the competition. His national ranking dropped hundreds of places, but now, with his deadlift back up to 525 lbs, he’s set to make a strong impression in the 2015 Games. He heard about CrossFit as an airborne infantry man stationed in Alaska.

7. Khan Porter:

Cross fit Athletes 2016


The 7th contender in our list is from Sydney, Australia, Khan Porter. Weighing 205 lbs and sporting a height of 5’11, Porter is considered as one of the hottest men of Australia.

Australia’s Fittest Man is well, pretty much what you would expect him to be–his life before CrossFit was a mix of surfing, lifeguarding, and rugby and obviously professional modeling. His full-throttle workouts often involve three sessions a day.

6. Alex Vigneault:

Cross fit Athletes 2016


Next on our list of Crossfit Athletes 2016 is Canadian superstar, Alex Vigneault. Vigneault competed against Mat Fraser in the Regional, and his scores for his second-place finish there would’ve won him the title in other Regional competitions. “Fraser didn’t just blow him out of the water,” Nief says. “They looked at the same level.” At just 23, It’s the first time he’s qualified for the Games. “As a rookie, I expect him to do well.”

5. Graham Holmberg:

Cross fit Athletes 2016


The 5th contender in the list of Cross fit Athletes 2016 is Graham Holmberg. Holmberg was the 2010 CrossFit Games champ, and the only to ever beat Froning in Games. He tends to do not as well as you’d expect in the Open and Regional competitions, and narrowly missed qualifying for the Games last year. “Holmberg does better on the more running-focused events or the more obscure challenges at the Games. The sport is so much more competitive than it was in 2010, so for him to still be there is pretty impressive,”. On this year, Holmberg quotes, “I will be eyeing a return to the top of the podium as Rich Froning has made his move to team,”.

4. Neal Maddox:

Cross fit Athletes 2016


Probably the oldest competitor in our list of Crossfit Athletes 2016 is Californian resident, Neal Maddox. At age 37, he’s one of the oldest competitors on the men’s side. He’s historically done very well during open and regional competitions, but he under-performed in his first few years at the Games, finally earning his first top 10 finish last year. He says this’ll be his last year competing as individual. “Neal is an athlete who almost looks too powerful to do well in CrossFit,” says Nief. “He can sprint, but has the capacity and endurance to do well. It will be interesting to see if he can keep it together.”

3. Jonnie Koski:

Cross fit Athletes 2016


The bronze medalist in our list of Cross fit Athletes 2016 is Jonnie Koski. Probably the youngest of the lot, Koski crushed the Meridian regional competition of athletes from Europe and Africa, a very competitive division. It doesn’t hurt his game that he trains with 2009 champ Mikko Salo. “This guy is the real deal,” says Nief.

2. Noah Ohlsen:

Cross fit Athletes 2016


The silver medalist in our list of Cross fit Athletes 2016 is Noah Ohlsen. In last year’s games, Ohlsen was at the top of the leader board at first, but his fitness faltered as the week went on. “He has fantastic upper body muscle endurance–just has a huge engine,” Nief says. “He’s definitely a contender with only a few holes in his game on the absolute strength and power production end.”

Ohlsen is moving from his beginner stengths into becoming a more well-rounded athlete. “He’s young and has made great strides in strength development and is proving he’s no longer just a gymnastics and body weight specialist,” says Jentgen.

1. Matthew Fraser:

Cross fit Athletes 2016


The winner in our list of Cross Fit Athletes 2016 is Matthew Fraser. Fraser is the closest challenger to CrossFit legend Rich Froning, who dominated the individuals from 2011 to 2014. Now that Froning’s competing in the team division only, Fraser, who came in second to Froning in his rookie year last year, is it. “A former weightlifter with a massive aerobic capacity, this guy is built to win fitness events,” says Nief. “CrossFit is a weird combo of strength sport and endurance sport, and Fraser’s got the stature, body type, and mental toughness to do it. Nief and Jentgen, Director of Training at Hybrid Athletics and Lead Instructor at CrossFit Strongman Seminar Staff respectively hopes that the snatch ladder will be one of his most impressive feats at the games.

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Top 10 Cross Fit Athletes 2016

1. Matthew Fraser
2. Noah Ohlsen
3. Jonnie Koski
4. Neal Maddox
5. Graham Holmberg
6. Alex Vigneault
7. Khan Porter
8. Daniel Tyminski
9. Scott Panchik
10. Dan Bailey

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