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Top 10 Amazing Neymar Hairstyle

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Neymar Jr. or Neymar, as he is popularly called, is one of the best soccer players of today. He was born on the 5th of February 1992 at Mogi das Cruzes in Brazil as Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior. Neymar is now the captain of the national soccer team of Brazil and is also a part of PSG, one of the richest football clubs in the world. He holds the position of winger or forward and bears the number 10 on his jersey. Here goes the detailed article about some of the best Neymar Hairstyle.

The 22-year-old has already proven himself to be among the accomplished soccer players from Brazil, a country known to have produced some of the greatest gems in the sport. Neymar has shown great potential for a bright future and has already bagged some incredible achievements at a rather young age. He has received the praise from legendary players of Brazil such as Ronaldinho and even Pele.

He began his youth career back in 1999 as a part of Portuguesa Santista. After playing for them till 2003, he moved to the Santos team and continued till 2009, after which he began his senior career with the Santos club. After that, he joined the top tier club of Barcelona in 2013. In 2009 he also represented the U17 level of Brazil. 3 appearances and 1 goal later, he now began representing the U20 level in 2011. He made 7 appearances, and scored 9 goals in a year, and then moved on to the U23 level in 2012, for which he made 7 appearances and 4 goals. He has been a member of the senior team of Brazil since 2010 for which he has made 60 appearances and scored 42 goals.

Neymar and his Football Legacy


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In a short period of time, Neymar has succeeded in achieving several accolades and honors. He has been able to obtain 3 Campeonato Paulista in 2010-2012, Copa do Brasil in 2010, Copa Libertadores in 2011 and Recopa Sudamericana in 2012, while playing for Santos, and Supercopa de España in 2013 while playing for Barcelona. As a representative of Brazil, he contributed to the team’s winning of South American Youth Championship in 2011, 3 Superclásico de las Américas in 2011, 2012 and 2014, Olympic Silver Medal in 2012, and FIFA Confederations Cup in 2013. He has won himself several other honors.

Besides the formal recognition that has been endowed upon him for his excellent sporting skills, he has also received appreciations in the sporting from for his great skills, and his contributions have changed the performances of his teams. Off-field, he is seen actively promoting Brazilian pop music, especially Música sertaneja. His video footage where he dances in the Santos locker room to a Michel Teló number has been viewed numerous times, and he also performs the dance moves after making goals on the field.

The fashion sense of Neymar

Neymar is a great watch, not just for his technique and skills on the field, but also because he is quite easy on the eyes. He has an incredibly cute smile, warm skin tone, and a well-chiseled body. And to complement all that, he has a great sense of style and fashion. He is particularly bold and creative with his hairstyles, which have changed a number of times since his career began.

As a professional footballer and even before that, Neymar has maintained a number of different hairstyles. He wore Mohawks and mullets of different kinds, dreadlocks, etc., all in different colors, lengths, and textures. He has never fallen short in being eccentric and outrageously creative, and have marked his rise to fame.

Top 10 Neymar Hairstyle of 2018

1. Neymar Hairstyle – Natural Curly

Neymar Hairstyle

Natural Curly hair

Most people do not know that Neymar’s hair is naturally black and curly. He appeared for Santos in March 2009 with shaggily buzzed hair that looked like it had been fashioned in a hurry, showing off his natural hair. He was 17 at that time.

2. Neymar Hairstyle – Baby Mohawk

Amazing Hairs of Neymar

Baby Mohawk Haircut

Neymar appeared for Santos in May 2010 with a Mohawk as the sides were buzzed. Thus, he appeared officially for the first time with a Mohawk, a style that became his trademark. This baby Mohawk was short but kept.

3. Neymar Hairstyle – Long Mohawk

Hair Fashion of Neymar

Long Mohawk

In a friendly match against the United States in August 2010, Neymar appeared as a part of Brazil with a Mohawk, which now was carefully stylized to look more ostentatious. This time, his hair strands were longer – or higher, to be more accurate – and very distinctly formed into a Mohawk.

4. Neymar Hairstyle – Metro Mohawk

Amazing Haircuts of Neymar

Metro Mohawk Hairstyle

In March 2011 during a friendly match against Scotland, he sported a stylish, Cristiano Ronaldo-ish Metro Mohawk that was better styled, as well.

5. Neymar Hairstyle – Fauxhawk

Hair Fashion of Neymar

Fauxhawk Hairstyle

In December 2011, Neymar appeared in the Club World Cup sporting a hairstyle that was more like a fauxhawk, his bleached into blond hair growing in all directions. The spikes were gelled to stand upright at the center and was more flamboyant and still stylish.

6. Neymar Haircut – Mute Colored Messy Fauxhawk

Best Hairstyle of Neymar

Messy Fauxhawk Hairstyle

In January 2012, Neymar went to receive the Puskás Award for the best goal of the year at the Ballon d’Or in Zurich, Switzerland, donning a messy fauxhawk, but in a more muted color. With great confidence, he attended the formal award show looking dapper in a suit and sporting a flamboyant hairstyle.

7. Neymar Hairstyle – Layer with Headband

Neymar Headband

Layered Cut with Headband

During the Olympics of August 2012, Neymar sported a cross between his Mohawk and a mullet, with shortened sides, and spikes shooting here and there. He often secured the layers with a headband.

8. Neymar Hairstyle – Bleached Hair

Best Neymar Hairstyles

The Blonde Look

Neymar appeared in a friendly match against England in February 2013 with hair bleached brilliantly blond and the Mohawk uniquely gelled.

9. Neymar Hairstyle – Layered Mohawk and Dye

Neymar Hair Cuts

Layered Mohawk

Neymar appeared in a match against England in June 2013 where he was given the jersey of the iconic number 10. He appeared staid in his new hairstyle as he discarded his Mohawk and dyes, and went for a simpler, tame and stylish look with layers.

10. Neymar Hairstyle – Shaved Sides

Neymar Amazing Hairstyles 2018

Side Shaved Haircut

In August 2013, Neymar gelled his hair down to tame his hair for the new club, Barcelona. He also shaved the sides, though he ditched the dyes again.

Neymar is indeed one of the finest players now. Undoubtedly, he has the capability to grab the attention of the fans while he is on the field. He also has the look and style to fascinate people, on and off the field. Let’s hope to see some more fun hairstyles in the coming days!

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