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Top 10 Rio Olympics Performers

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In this following list, we will take you through the most amazing performances that were seen in the recent summer Olympics. With Katy Perry’s Olympic anthem this year, ‘Rise’ … the players were really motivated a lot . This following article is dedicated to all those athletes who performed better than everyone in this rio Olympics. And who knows? Maybe next Olympics, we will have  even better performances than these, for there is always room for improvement. So without further ado , we would like to take you through the Top 10 Rio Olympics Performers.

Top 10 Rio Olympics Performers

Top 10 Rio Olympics Performers list

Top 10 Rio Olympics Performers

Rio Olympics in 2016 was a rad event and there were numerous participants from all across the world. Even though the majority of awards were won by Americans and US citizens, there were some really amazing performance this year.

Jason Kenny and  Laura Trott

Jason Kenny and Laura Trott Is one of the Best rio olympics performers

British cyclists Jason Kenny and his fiancee Laura Trott are actually made for each other. In a sense, they have become the king and queen of the track. They have already won five gold medals at Rio, building some national records in the process. Trott has become Britain’s most successful female Olympian. And she did it by adding two golds to the two she won at London 2012. Kenny also created history — leveling with former teammate Chris Hoy’s British record of six gold medals — after winning a brilliant keirin race in which he was almost disqualified. Now he brought his Rio haul to three golds. The couple, who are to wed next month, have been invincible on the Olympic track. Fellow cyclist Bradley Wiggins has also became the most decorated British Olympian at Rio. He has  won in the team pursuit, bringing his total medal count to eight with five of them being gold.

Katie Ledecky

Katie Ledecky Is one of the Best performers in rio olympics

In the pool segment, 19-year-old Katie Ledecky won the 800m freestyle, with rivals only envying her. She broke her own world record with an impressive time of 8:04.79, finishing an astonishing 11 seconds ahead of Britain’s Jazmin Carlin. Ledecky has taken home five Olympic medals from Rio, four of them being gold and all in freestyle. He has also won the 200, 400 and 4x200m relay, added to it a silver in the 4x100m relay. She set two straight world records in Rio.

Simone Biles

Simone Biles Is one of the Most appreciated performer in rio Olympics

Teenage wonder Simone Biles produced an almost epic routine to win her fourth Olympic gold at Rio. The American youngster is now the prevalent force in women’s gymnastics and highlights her status by winning golds in the team competition, all-round event, and also the vault and final contest in the floor exercise. She expressed to CNN that Tokyo is still a long way off. She really wants a long vacation before she returns to training. “We have to still take in this moment and enjoy it,” Biles said.

Almaz Ayana

Almaz Ayana Is one of the Greatest athletes in rio Olympics

Rio’s athletic events had only just started when Ethiopia’s Almaz Ayana made her entry on to the track and stunned everyone by breaking the women’s 10,000m record that had prevailed for nearly 23 years. She finished in a staggering 29 minutes 17.45 seconds, slicing a clear 14 seconds off the old record previously made by China’s Junxia Wang in September 1993. It was a remarkably fast race for those following her too. Seven set national records and the other medalists had recorded the third and fourth fastest times ever to happen in the event.

Yusra Mardini

Yusra Mardini Is one of the Rio Olympic athletes

Aged 14 only, Mardini swam for Syria at a world championship back in 2012 but her home was obliterated in the ongoing conflict and she had luckily fled the country with her sister. Things got more terrible. She had to swim for her life when a boat capsized during her escape.”I thought it would be a real shame if I drowned in the sea, because I am a swimmer,” is how she narrated nightmare to reporters this year. She had joined the refugee team at the Rio Games. Even though she didn’t swim fast enough to progress further, she absolutely managed to liven the spirit of the Olympics with her tremendous effort.

Dipa Karmakar

Dipa Karmakar Is one of the Summer Olympic 2016 athletes

She filled us all with shock .awe and proud in this Rio Olympic 2016. Atnumber 5 of Top 10 Rio Olympics Performers, we have Dipa karmakar. She landed the deadly vault  which is the Produnova vault . She was so good at it that people also wanted to name the vault after her . He splendid performance this year was the best thing ever. Despite all her hard work and performance she stood fourth and couldn’t bag a medal . The one thing she didn’t lose is the hope and the one thing she definitely won is the hearts of million people and their good wishes for her future ventures.

Fiji Rugby Team

Fiji rugby Is one of the Best performers in summer Olympics 2016

At number 4 in this list, we don’t have a single athlete but a whole team. The Fiji rugby team lands at number 4 in this list of Top 10 Rio Olympics Performers. Fiji won its first ever Olympic medal after an outstanding performance in the rugby sevens tournament which made its debut. The Pacific Islanders were hotly-tipped to win gold and duly crushed Great Britain 43-7 in the final, sparking scenes of joy among the 900,000 population and heaps of praise on social media.

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt Is one of the Most loved athletes in summer Olympic 2016

At number 3 of this list of of Top 10 Rio Olympics Performers, we have Usain bolt.  He is undoubtedly the fastest man on earth or the real life flash . A person with superpowers has to give a splendid performance . That is the only natural thing . In the 2016 rio olympics too he gave an amazing performance. His picture of looking back at other contenders as he ran ahead them went viral .

PV Sindhu

PV Sindhu Is one of the People’s favourite athletes in rio Olympics

Another one of Indian divas who made the country proud this Olympic 2016. She gave a really tough fight this time and was really good at the game. She even won the first round , but lost to the opponent in the overall. It was a close call and despite of losing in the finals , she brought the first silver medal for India ,in female category . This is why she deserves the number 2  position in this list of of Top 10 Rio Olympics Performers.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps Is one of the Most popular Olympic athletes in rio

The king of swimming , and the wineer of the most Olympic golds , at number 1 in this list of of Top 10 Rio Olympics Performers, we have phelps. He is the fastest man on water and he deserves this title. He gave one of the best performances this summer Olympics 2016 and won golds and silver . His picture of having an annoyed face after losing the gold in one match went viral and awarded us with many laughs .

 These performances were really the best, even though some of them did not win . We encourage them to try again next time and we thoroughly root for them . Who are the athletes you were rooting for in this rio summer Olympics ? Did they win ? Leave comments below and let us know. Top 10 Rio Olympics Performers. If you enjoyed the list, check out other ones too.

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