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Top 10 T20 Cricketers 2017 | ICC T20 (UPDATED)

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Thought it has only been 10 years since the first T20 international match was played, the shortest format of the game has already become its more popular format with many countries having their own franchise based t20 tournaments as well. As this format is short, it’s exciting and thrilling right from the start. A player in order to succeed in T20 need to have a very different temperament compared to Test or ODIs and here we countdown the Top 10 T20 Cricketers 2017.

Top 10 T20 Cricketers

AB De Villiers

Top 10 T20 Cricketers 2016

At number 1 in Top 10 T20 Cricketers, 2017 is AB De Villiers from South Africa. It’s no surprise why he is here at the top, he the most innovating, dangerous and effective batsmen in the world who has both the brains to sneak in a boundary as well as the strength to overpower a bowler. His ability to hit all around the field is unthinkable and the opposition teams usually have no idea about the field setting against him because he can perform miracles while batting. Apart from batting he is one of the best fielders in the world as well and can bowl too.

Chris Gayle

Top 10 T20 Cricketers 2016

At number 2 in Top 10 T20 Cricketers 2017, is Chris Gayle from West Indies. On his day it doesn’t matter where the fielder stands or where the ball is pitched because the sheer strength of Gayle makes sure that the ball ends up in the stands when he hits them. He holds the record for highest runs in single innings in T20 at 175* which is just crazy as most people aren’t able to score that much in a 50 over the game. His record for the most sixes is a testament to his power.

Virat Kohli

Top 10 T20 Cricketers 2016

At number 3 in Top 10 T20 Cricketers, 2017 is Virat Kohli from India. One of the most gifted and technically sound batsmen of this generation, Kohli is already considered as one of the greatest batsmen ever and he is yet to reach is the peak. His aggression and temperament as a batsman are laudable. He makes chasing big totals a child’s play by strategically targeting bowlers and pacing the innings. One of the most consistent players in the world, he has been the reason behind India’s success in limited overs.

Sunil Narine

Top 10 T20 Cricketers 2016

At number 4 is Sunil Narine from West Indies. When T20 was introduced people quickly dubbed it “Batsmen game” but bowlers like Narine have proved them wrong. The mystery bowler who has stumped the greatest batsmen with his turn and bounce is a force to be reckoned with. Even the big hitters and sloggers are vary of him and don’t take a lot of chances with him. That’s how good he is! He even has an economy of 5.69 in T20s.

Shane Watson

Top 10 T20 Cricketers 2016

At number 5 in Top 10 T20 Cricketers, 2017 is Shane Watson from Australia. All rounders are an asset to the team in this form of the game because not only can they bowl the odd overs and get some wickets but also proved strength to the batting line up in the deep and who can be a better example than Shane Watson. Currently ranked as no 1 T20 all-rounder, Watson not only opens the bowling and picks wickets but bats high up the order and is one of the best T20 batsmen as well.

Ravichandran Ashwin

Top 10 T20 Cricketers 2016

At number 6 in Top 10 T20 Cricketers, 2017 is Ravichandran Ashwin from India. Spinner has proven to be very valuable in T20s due to their ability to extract spin, flight the ball and also due to their lack of pace, their deliveries can’t be glanced for a boundary and as such Ashwin is one of the best spinners in the world. He has a lot of variations and can change length according to pitch and batsmen and he can also bowl the notorious carom ball.

Glenn Maxwell

Top 10 T20 Cricketers 2016

At number 7 in Top 10 T20 Cricketers 2017, is Glenn Maxwell from Australia. Glenn Maxwell is called “The Big Show” and rightly so because when he gets it on, it’s lights out for his opponents. Known for his big shots and aggressive batting as well as being handy with the bowl, he is a complete package. He is not yet to be consistent enough to be considered among the best T20 players but there is no denying his capability.

Shakib Al Hasan

Top 10 T20 Cricketers 2016

At number 8 in Top 10 T20 Cricketers 2017, is Shakib Al Hasan from Bangladesh. This all-rounder is currently ranked 2nd in the world in T20 as an all-rounder and he has been the core of the Bangladesh team for a long time now, handy in the batting lineup with the ability to clear the ropes, his spin bowling is neat and his fielding is marvelous. No wonder he has the burdens of his entire nation on his shoulders.

Imran Tahir

Top 10 T20 Cricketers 2016

At number 9 is Imran Tahir from South Africa. This leggie might not be as flashy as Ashwin or Narine but when it comes to keeping the runs low or getting wickets, count on him to get the job done. One of the most consistent and dangerous bowlers in the world, he has been a real asset to South Africa ever since his debut by giving them the much-needed spinner that the team needed in order to succeed in sub-continent conditions.

Aaron Finch

Top 10 T20 Cricketers 2016

At number 10 in Top 10 T20 Cricketers 2017 is Aaron Finch from Australia. One of the most destructive batsmen in world cricket, Finch is currently ranked 1st in T20 Batsmen list due to his recent string of good performances. His explosive batting style at the top of the order has ensured that no target is too out of reach of the team and he has the track record to prove that.

T20 is short and exciting with some of the most nail biting finishes in the history of cricket and these players in this list have been instrumental in making this format so endearing worldwide. Share your Thoughts about Top 10 T20 Cricketers in Comment Box.

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