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Top 10 Tennis Scandals in History of Tennis

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If a professional game lacks scandals then it can considered incomplete. Every sport brings glamor with which come scandals that make viewers stay glued to the screen. If tennis is your favorite sport and you are still unaware of the scandals occurred in this game, below is a list of top ten incidents just for you. Read on.

Top 10 Tennis Scandals in History of Tennis

Top 10 Tennis Scandals in History of Tennis

The Unrealized Filming: Francesca Schiavone was probably thinking sex, the evidence of which was captured as she made gestures to a spectator during her changeover. There are countless footage of this Tennis Scandal available on YouTube which can be viewed for confirmation.

Caught Cheating:  When Flavia Pennetta found out that her boyfriend, Carlos Moya, cheated on her with a television presenter, she could not stop but brag about how it all had hit her hard. She went on and on about how it had made her numb and she had lost the taste of life. That Was the One of Biggest Tennis Scandals.

Banned for Posing: Roseleena Blair, a student at the National Collegiate Athletic Association, was suspended when she was found posing nude for Playboy, the edition for Sexy Girls in Sports. The authorities informed that it was against their policies for an athlete to be paid directly or indirectly for their athletic skills.

The Second Marriage: Bjorn Borg married Loredana Berte who then became his second wife. Berte was an Italian rock star who appeared half-naked with her bare body covered in glitter.

Imprisoned, Twice: Bill Tilden, a proud winner of 10 grand slams, was imprisoned for having sex with a male prostitute. The next time he was found groping a male hitchhiker leading him to the gates of the jail for the second time.

Kicked by Accident: David Nalbandian, always involved in some controversy or the other, lost the final match of Queens in 2012. The frustration got to him so bad that he ended up kicking a line judge ‘by accident’.

Caught in Smuggling: Wayne Odesnik not only made use of the growth hormone but was also found smuggling it. When brought to interrogation he denied it thereby digging the hole, which he was to fall in, a lot deeper.

Suspicious Betting: Nikolay Davydenko was caught betting in a bizarre match which led him to get the law enforcement involved as well. With this you can conclude that being a millionaire is probably not enough for some people.

A Not-so-Lovely Encounter: Boris Becker couldn’t keep himself from the ladies and what he calls a mere encounter landed him to become the father of a daughter. London restaurant was the place of the encounter to be exact.

The Car Chase: Bernard Tomic and this need for speed in his yellow sports landed him into hot water with the police. The chase was not longer but the interrogation with the police lasted three hours straight!

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