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Ways To Make Money Off Sports Betting | Online Betting Guide

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According to data presented during the 2015 UN Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, the global sports betting industry is today worth a staggering $3 trillion and it is growing at a brisk pace in spite of attempts to make it illegal in some parts of the world. In addition, e-sports gambling (e-sports take place in virtual environments online) has become increasingly popular over the last few years. With this in mind, here are ways of Make Money Off Sports Betting or you may visit This Website for more information.

Make Money Off Betting

Make Money Off Sports Betting

Ways To Make Money Off Sports Betting


Before you bet on a team, do extensive research on the team. In other words, you should examine every aspect of the team thoroughly including the physical condition of the players (fit, injured, struggling to regain form), winning/losing streaks, enhanced odds offers, performance while playing at or away from home, home ground advantage, and weather conditions (can affect the outcome of sporting events). More importantly, keep proper records of the data gathered and update the records regularly.

Data Analysis

Besides research, thoroughly analyze the data gathered to gain useful insights and metrics. Compare these results with the data published by betting firms to determine the right player/team to back. However, it is important to note that data analytics is not a magic formula that will always generate a winner. Nevertheless, it will boost your chances of picking a winner, thereby improving your winning percentage.

Sports Betting

Sports Betting

Betting Strategy

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a complex strategy to make money in sports betting. In fact, you should start with a simple strategy and move on to complex strategies after you gain some experience. A simple and popular strategy you could use is betting against the public. This means supporting the team/player with the least public support. Nevertheless, take note some sports betting strategies only apply to specific sports disciplines. In addition, it is advisable to test and re-test betting strategies before deploying them in real world situations.

Recreational Sports Betting

Recreational Sports Betting

Don’t Bet While Intoxicated

Do not place sports bets when under the influence of any drug including alcohol. A study published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research found that alcohol has a negative impact on decision making, which means you are likely to end up losing money if you bet while under the influence of a legal or illegal drug. The Association for Psychological Science also warns against making financial decisions when stressed because you are likely to go for riskier options instead of acting conservatively.

Make Money by Betting in Sports Field

Make Money by Betting in Sports Field

Money Management

Develop and follow sound money management policies to ensure you can determine whether you are making profits or losses. To start with, keep records of all the bets you place and regularly analyze how much you have won or lost within a given period. Moreover, determine how much money to re-invest in sports betting or how much to bet on a specific sport. Without money management discipline, you are likely to fail.


To make money off sports betting you should develop solid betting strategies, maintain sobriety while betting, carry out through research and data analysis, and develop sound money management strategies.

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