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The Worst Sports Injuries To Suffer (Updated)

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Sport is a mostly fun activity to partake in or watch. But there is a dark side to the sport, a discomforting, painful side. When brutal injuries happen in the sport we develop a new found respect for the people who sometimes put their lives on the line for the sake of entertainment.

Worst Sports Injuries

Leg Breaks

The Worst Sports Injuries To SufferLeg breaks are a common and gruesome problem throughout most sporting arenas and especially in sports which involve high impact collisions. We’ve all seen the footage on TV or at a game when the crowd goes ooh. The most severe fractures are treated with surgery so you can imagine it’s a long period of pain players have to go through in order to get sufficiently treated. The pain will eventually go away but the problem with leg breaks is that they take so long to recover from if at all. Worst Sports Injuries all time.

Broken Neck 

The Manchester City goalkeeper Burt Trautmann found wider fame after he broke his neck during an FA Cup Final match in 1956. He didn’t know the life-threatening nature of the injury at the time and carried on playing. Footage shows him gently rubbing his neck after a collision.

Neck breaks happen close to the cervical spinal cord and can lead to paralysis and even sudden death.

Torn ACL

Over rotating the knee joint and excessive movement in the shin can cause prolonged rehabilitation and recovery. The anterior cruciate ligament is attached to the thigh bones and the shin. These are most common with sports that involve excessive jumps, falls and hyper extensions like ice skating.

Swallowed Tongue

This only happens fairly frequently in sports but when it does it leaves a chill down your spine. It often happens out of the blue within the field of play and is shocking to see when a player flumps to the ground. The spectators watching often sense that a race against time is on, before a player who suffers this chokes.

Broken Teeth 

It may sound innocuous but a broken tooth can have serious and damaging effects. It is a natural hazard in sports such as rugby, boxing, and ice hockey. Retired St Louis Blues forward described losing six teeth along with broken fragments of the jaw as ‘by far the worst injury he had experienced’ leaving him unable to walk at the time through the pain. Most ice hockey teams employ an onsite dentist it happens so often.

Most hockey players see it as a badge of honor, but if it happens to a playboy like Cristiano Ronaldo on the football pitch, you lose your millions of pounds in sponsorship unless you resort to discreet braces like Cfast to close the gap. Lets Worst Sports Injuries.


A concussion happens when you take a significant blow to the head. It’s the reason amateur boxers wear head guards. The long term effects of repeated blows to the head can be life threatening. Terrell Davis once took a blow to the head during SuperBowl XXXII and suffered temporary blindness despite wearing a helmet for protection. That must have been a scary few minutes.

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