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Is a unique idea or a marvelous content in popping in your mind? Write it down in below described format and send it to us. If our content development team likes it, your unique content will be published in the landing page of www.sporteology.com which attracts around 5 million viewers each month.


The Rules of Content Submission

♦ We only accept article which are related to sports category only

♦ An article should be at least of 1000 words

♦ Should feature 10 points in descending order in any article (From #10 to #1 – So the best point will come at the end)

♦ Images/Gifs/videos not necessary (If you think you have some media files which are necessary for your article then you can submit that too along with the content itself)

♦ All the articles should be unique and interesting, and shouldn’t be already published anywhere else

♦ Article should be genuine, factual and points based (Provide references with article if possible)


Benefits of working with Sporteology

♦ We are currently paying 7$ for each unique content within 24Hrs of Successful acceptance by our editorial team

♦ Proper credits will be given in each post (Your name will be displayed along with your content)

♦ You have the provision to get absorbed in our in-house content development team

♦ A Huge viewer’s base – Your content will be read by millions of our viewers


Payment Method


Send your unique content at [email protected] along with your payment details

Note: Sporteology automatically becomes the owner of the content once the article is published in our website. No further copyright claims will be entertained after that.


Guest blogging

Article Submission Rules: Same as above
Mention “Guest Blogging” in subject

Send your articles at [email protected]

Benefits of Guest blogging at Sporteology

♦ You will get a backlink from Sporteology

♦ You will get an Authorial Credit (author’s name) in each post

♦ Our editorial team will review your article and backlink details. We will let you know about acceptance of article and backlink.


Note: We do not entertain articles/backlinks of below listed topics

⊗ Casinos/Gambling
⊗ E-commerce sites sells porn/weapons/drugs material
⊗ Adult content
⊗ Content that advocates against an individual, group, or organization
⊗ Copyrighted material
⊗ Drug, alcohol, and tobacco-related content
⊗ Hacking and cracking content
⊗ Violent content
⊗ Weapon-related content
⊗ Other illegal content

Note: You will be notified within 24 hours about your related query.

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