10 Fatal Accidents In Cricket

Cricket is called a gentleman’s game because there are fewer chances of players getting rough on each other or dying due to some enraged scuffle between two players. But even then, unfortunately, no sport is without its share of accidents. Everyone remembers the greatest moments in sports, that moment of adrenaline rush which makes playing or watching […]

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Ellyse Perry, Australia's All-Rounder

Top 10 Best Women Cricketers in the World

There are some remarkable players in Women Cricket World. That makes it difficult to choose the Top 10 Best Women Cricketers in the World.  here we presenting to you 10 Best Women Cricketers. Top 10 Best Women Cricketers in the World 10. Sana Mir, Pakistan Sana Mir is a Pakistani cricketer and the captain of […]

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Top 10 Left-Handed Batsmen in Cricket History

In cricket, a left-handed player is considered an asset. This is because lefties have a clear advantage. Even though Australian scientists have dismissed the suggestions that left-handed players, especially the batsmen, have an innate superiority, batting records show a clear advantage of the left-handers when it comes to cricket. We have witnessed plenty of the […]

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Top 10 Movies Featuring Cricket Outside India

As we all know that India has many religions but the game of cricket unites Indians better than any other religion. Because of its enormous popularity in India, cricket attracts a lot of movie directors and producers too. Bollywood witnessed several great movies on cricket such as “Lagaan” during the last two decades. And, the Indian […]

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Most Short-Tempered Cricketers

Top 10 Most Short-Tempered Cricketers of the World

Cricket is often called “Gentleman’s Game” but even the in the famed title, at times, cannot keep the anger from running high. Following is the list of 10 most short-tempered cricketers of the world: Top 10 Most Short-Tempered Cricketers of the World 10. Curtly Ambrose (West Indies) With his 6 feet 7 inch frame, Ambrose […]

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Top 10 Shortest Test Matches in Cricket History

Cricket is played by very few countries in the world, and one of the main reasons, perhaps, is how time-consuming they can be. Let’s think about the Test Matches: it takes 5 whole days to complete one single match, and even after that, some matches might just end in a frustrating draw. That cricket is […]

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Untitled-1 copy.jpg all rounders

Top 10 Greatest All Rounders in Cricket

An all-rounder is a cricket player who excels at both batting and bowling. All-rounders play a vital role in the overall success of a team. Here is the list of Top 10 Greatest All Rounders in Cricket. Let us know about this list, are you satisfied with the ranking or not? Or, do you want some […]

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