Phil Mickelson Net Worth 2016

Phil Mickelson Net Worth 2017 (UPDATED)

Mickelson is very successful and has many achievements to his name, but one achievement always stands out. He won his first ever PGA tour event, in 1991 while he was an amateur. He is today, one of the best and most popular professional golfers in the world. Mickelson is also regarded as the most notorious […]

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cover Top 10 Highest Paid ISL Footballers

Top 10 Highest Paid ISL Footballers

As teams fight to create the best team, often bidding match snowballs into fat purchases. While highest price of players in ISL is still behind that of players in IPL or any other European football Leagues but still considering the scenario of football in India, its significant. Here are the Top 10 Highest Paid ISL […]

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Top 10 ISL Foreign Footballers (UPDATED)

What really made ISL stand-out from the other leagues was the star power involved and the money. But apart from these two, the presence of a marquee player is the main draw of the tournaments. Not only did it give the chance to the millions of Indians to watch their favorite players of yore play in […]

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10 Teammates Who Hate Each Other (UPDATED)

In the modern society most us are stuck with colleagues whom we hate. In the highly glamorous yet competitive profession of sports, the picture is no different. Rivalry between teams is quite common, but have you heard about the infamous feuds between teammates? If not, then it is the time to get familiar with it […]

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10 cricketers who escaped death (UPDATED)

Cricket is synonymous with the brutalities or severe injuries inflicted on the field. There have been some really tragic incidents in Cricket that brought tears in our eyes. But still, some survival stories inspire us into fighting hard with adversities. While death or other tragedies had a poignant note, the history of cricketers also cherishes […]

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The 5 Fattest Athletes in The World (UPDATED)

Sports, certainly, bring the best out of a person. Playing any kind of sport is always,  Fattest Athletes in the World, healthy, and makes one, both,  physically and mentally strong. It keeps you active and makes you smarter. This is what goes for all the athletes present across the globe. But, if, on one hand […]

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