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English Premier League Awards 2017/18

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English Premier League Awards 2017/18 is the detailed information of this year’s award winners such as best players, best goalkeeper, best defender, best forward, best manager and much more.

The 26th edition of English premier league is knocking on the door and we are nothing but enormously excited for the games to begin. In due time, let’s check out where the teams stand up to this point in time and what are their chances of winning the title based on their previous performances. Here is the list of English Premier League awards 2017/18.

English Premier League Awards 2017/18

English premier league awards 2017/18

In this following list, we are also going to take a look at amazing athletes, managers, captains among others who are truly amazing for their title. We will also elaborately describe their chances of winning the title and a detailed prediction of each award. So let’s start.

History of the English Premier League awards

english premier league scores and awards

The awards initially were split into 11 different categories. Fans used to vote for categories such as the Best Goal, Best Match as well as the Best Save, Best Celebration. Additional to that they also voted for the Fantasy XI of the 20 Seasons on the Premier League website. Following that, an esteemed panel selected winners for Best Player, Best Manager, Best Team, Best Season, Best Quote and created a second Fantasy XI Team to compare to the public vote. Also, four fact-based awards were also given. These titles were named for the player with Most Appearances, Top Goalscorer, Most Clean Sheets as well as 500 Club players in Premier League history. Not only the players, captains and managers were also entitled to the awards. The Premier League title sponsor also gave awards, for Best Photographer and Best Shot as well.

The English Premier League was established on 20th February 1992, the new League began its inaugural season on 15th August. From that inaugural 1992–93 season, the end of the 2011–12 seasons marked the 20 seasons anniversary of the Premier League.

Antonio Conte’s Chelsea recovered quite impressively after the depressing performance in the 2015-16 campaign, to find their way to the top. Pochettinho’s Spurs once more claimed to be the primary challengers, successfully becoming the most consistent Premier League side during two consecutive seasons. The rest of the ‘big’ sides rather struggled for consistency while defending Premier League champion Leicester City after their fairytale title recovered from relegation trouble in the first half of the season to a mediocre mid-table finish.

Awards that were given in the 2016 -17 season

The esteemed players for this season are yet to be announced but a whole lot can be predicted by viewing the past records and statistics of a footballer. Here are last year’s winners. All of them are just amazing in the field.We sure do hope they carry on their amazing spirit and athleticism in this upcoming season as well.

Best Goalkeeper of the season:

Keeper of the season award winner

The award for the keeper of the season went to Hugo Lloris from Tottenham Hotspur followed by Thibaut Courtois from Chelsea at the second position. The third best in this title was Tom Heaton from Burnley.

Position Player Club Nationality
1 Hugo Lloris Tottenham Hotspur France
2 Thibaut Courtois Chelsea Belgium
3 Tom Heaton Burnley England

Prediction for 2017-18 season

Goalkeepers of Chelsea, as well as Burnley, have performed amazingly in the last season. If we have to name specific people, then Hugo Lloris is obviously going to be a charm to watch this season as well. Tom Heaton of Burnley is also ready to give a kickass fight. Last season winners have already got a lot of gems in their pocket and one such is a gem of a goalkeeper named Thibaut Courtois. Good performance is their only goal.

Best Defender of the season:

Defender of the season award winner

The best defender of the season award was bagged by none other than legendary David Luiz from Chelsea FC. Jan Verthonghen and Michael Keane followed at second as well as third position respectively.

Position Player Club Nationality
1 David Luiz Chelsea Brazil
2 Jan Verthonghen Tottenham Hotspur Belgium
3 Michael Keane Burnley England

Prediction for 2017-18

When the best line-up consists of David Luiz and players like Jan Verthonghen, the atmosphere is tighter than usual. Tottenham Hotspur grabbed the 2nd position in league title last year and in defence as well. This year they could be the Premier League winners easily. Another one in line is Michael Keane from Burnley, who is ready to rock it.

Best Midfielder of the season:

midfielder fo the season award winner

Midfielder of the season award was proudly accepted by N’Golo Kante. Even though Chelsea team members swept away almost all of the awards, Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen from Tottenham Hotspur came in 2nd and 3rd place.

Position Player Club Nationality
1 N’Golo Kante Chelsea France
2 Dele Alli Tottenam Hotspur England
3 Christian Eriksen Tottenam Hotspur Denmark

Prediction for 2017-18

Midfielders are especially important for a steady game. N’Golo ‘s performance says he is going to be the winner in this category once again this year.  Christian Eriksen, as well as Dele Alli, are both currently amazing players, but they have to put up a fiesta in order to compete with N’Golo.

Best Forward of the season:

forward of the season award winner

Romelu Lukaku was undoubtedly the best forward of the season. He represented Everton. Last season’s Premier League Golden Boot winner Harry Kane came in second and Zlatan Ibrahimovic came in 3rd for this title.

Position Player Club Nationality
1 Romelu Lukaku Everton Belgium
2 Harry Kane Tottenham Hotspur England
3 Zlatan Ibrahimovic Manchester United Sweden

Prediction for 2017-18

Zlatan Ibrahimovic just missed the cut last year in the race of best forwards. This year, he is going to be out for blood and that might drive him to actually win it this year. As usual Romelu Lukaku, as well as Harry Kane, are exceptionally well players, no doubt. They hold a very high chance to receive this award this year.

Talent Radar Young Player of the Season:


This award is given to the emerging talents and Dele Alli is definitely one of the best.  The close second and third are Raheem Sterling and Leroy Sane respectively.

Position Player Club Nationality
1 Dele Alli Tottenham Hotspur England
2 Raheem Sterling Manchester
3 Leroy Sane Manchester

Prediction for 2017-18

Dele Alli has been one of the best young midfielders in EPL and this year also might be his lucky one. He is certainly a hard worker and deserves a lot. However, Manchester city’s Raheem Stirling and Leroy Sane were next in line to get this award last year but couldn’t. This year they are going to try and redeem that position positively.

Manager of the Season:

manager of the season award winner

The award is sponsored by none other than Barclays and was last awarded to Antonio Conte in 2017 by the football association.

Position Manager Club Nationality
1 Antonio Conte Chelsea Italy
2 Tony Pulis West Bromwich Albion Wales
3 Mauricio Pochettino Tottenham Hotspur Argentina

Prediction for 2017-18

Their energy and passion have to be saluted and experts have predicted that Antonio Conte has been winning this award for the most number of times and this year he might as well win and make a new record altogether. The very next preference and the hopeful name is Mauricio Pochettino for the English Premier League awards.

Best Player of the Season:

best player of the season award winner

N’Golo Kante has won another award this year and being the best player of the season for him is inevitable. Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen come 2nd and 3rd.

Position Player Club Nationality
1 N’Golo Kante Chelsea France
2 Dele Alli Tottenam Hotspur England
3 Christian Eriksen Tottenam Hotspur Denmark

Prediction for 2017-18

It is very difficult to be sure about English Premier League awards but given the previous data, N’golo Kante could be the winner this year as well. A lot of stakes are on him and he should win, given that he plays just same or even better. A lot of other players will be going for this trophy and one of the best names are Dele Alli, who is one of the youngest of the lot.

Notable mentions of English Premier League Awards

Best Player of The Season

The Premier League Player of the Season happens to be a yearly association football award presented to players in England, which facilitates the most outstanding player in the Premier League each season. The recipient is selected by a panel assembled by the league’s sponsor which is currently Barclays. It consists of members of “football’s governing bodies, the media and fans”, and is formally announced in the second or third week of May.

The first Player of the Season award in Premier League was awarded to Blackburn Rovers striker Alan Shearer, who had won the Premier League title with his team and the Golden Boot that season. Thierry Henry, Cristiano Ronaldo and Nemanja Vidić also have been Player of the Season on two occasions each and happen to be the only players to have won the award more than once. Ronaldo actually achieved this in consecutive years (namely the years of 2007 and 2008).

Manager of The Season

A manager is the root of the tree that is the team of players. Without that person, it becomes very difficult to uphold the legacy. A person that talented and skilled must be awarded. Each year this award for the best manager of the season goes to a deserving yet humble person who worked way too hard to achieve it. As we all know, Sir Alex Ferguson has won the most amount of these awards. He has won this award 11 times and also has had 3 consecutive wins in the past. The award for manager of the season is given out for the best and outstanding manager in each given premier league season. It is yet to be discovered who will be the proud winner of the 26th season of EPL according to the English Premier League awards 2017/18.

Other than these, Awards such as Talent Radar Young Player Of The Season, Forward Of The Season, Midfielder Of The Season, Defender Of The Season and Keeper Of The Season are also distributed among the athletes and will be the part of English premier league awards 2017/18 as well.

The athletes in EPL work hard enough to deserve these awards and trophies. Apart from the money they make, their recognition and their legacy are the only things that are left behind. Their good sportsmanship and honour are what truly matters. The awards remind them constantly of how well they actually did in their lives and how much more they can achieve. May this upcoming season brings out the best in every field and may the best athlete and team win the title.

As the matches in the 26th season progress, the updates of the recent matches, scores, results and stats will be updated. Keep an eye on this space to remain updated. So let’s hope for the best in the new season and don’t forget to send us your valuable comment about English Premier League awards 2017/18 in the comment box below.

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