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7 Tips to Increase Stamina for Running

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When you go out for a run it’s easy to get discouraged as your legs can burn out and you may find it difficult to catch your breath. When it comes to running, particularly in the log runs, we all struggle with stamina. Long-distance running isn’t easy. To improve your stamina and muscle endurance you need dedication, discipline and proper training. But if you follow these seven simple tips you’re going to crush those long runs in no time.

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Be Consistent

There’s no quick fix to increase running endurance – you have to be consistent to deliver the results that you want. Learning how to increase running stamina simply has no shortcuts. Training on a regular schedule will teach your body how to adapt to the amount of work that you put in. There are several benefits of running longer distances including losing weight. Along with running, taking good fat burners like Phenocal can go a long way in staying healthy and fit. Check for a detailed review on Phenocal to know more about its benefits and usage. There’s no quick fix to boost running endurance; you need to be consistent in delivering the results you want.

Add in Strength Training

You need strong muscles to support your entire body with every step if you want to increase your stamina. That is where strength training can make a huge difference in stamina and endurance development. The kind of equipment that you use for building your strength is very crucial. Try to find all the additional information on equipment that you can to help you get good results during your workouts. What’s more, weaving in strength training doesn’t take a tonne of time. You can get a session of solid strength done in 5 minutes.

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Incorporate Tempo Runs

It doesn’t just matter how far and how long you’re going to learn how to increase your running endurance. It matters what kind of running workouts you do. Tempo runs are usually a shorter distance – but at a much faster rate. The advantage here is that running at a faster clip will make running at an easy “endurance” pace feel easier, and make you a faster, stronger runner. Start with a quick warm-up for 20 minutes to loosen your muscles. Run at about 20 percent harder than your easy pace. It is not about going for the pace of the race, but you definitely should be breathing harder than a normal training run. Complete with a cool down and some dynamic stretching to limit discomfort and help prevent injury.

Get Some Cross-Training In

It’s tempting to focus only on running when you’re learning how to increase running endurance, but it’s having a lot of impact on your legs and your whole body. What’s more, cross-training has a lot of endurance benefits! As long as it’s a cardiovascular activity it will improve your endurance and endurance without pounding all that on your legs. Include a few of the following in your workout schedule, one or two days a week: outdoor biking or an indoor spin class, swimming laps, and elliptical workout.

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Eat Right

The foods you put into your body play a huge part in fueling your stamina and stamina. If you don’t eat healthy, nutritious foods, your body just won’t have what it needs to go any further and increase stamina. First of all, make sure you get enough to eat. One of the things most runners love about running is – it’s a lot of calories burning. Even if you’re trying to lose weight, you still have to consume enough calories to fuel your run.

Secondly, just because you’re running a lot does not mean you are eating as much as you would like. A five-mile run burns roughly 500 calories, depending on your size. A large milkshake or double cheeseburger can easily contain a lot more calories than that – and will weigh you down instead of helping to increase your stamina. Make wise food choices, think of lean meats, fruits, vegetables, healthy grains and low-fat dairy products. Don’t overthink it too much – food is meant to enjoy our bodies and nourish them.

Focus on Your Breathing

Focusing on your breathing isn’t just about yoga but it can also help in running. Changing the way you breathe during running can reduce stress, boost energy and increase stamina. When running gets tough, most people forget to breathe or increase breathing speed. If you’re running faster, you need to breathe faster. Holding your breath will force the energy in your cells to plunge, and you feel fatigued during your workout sooner than you should.

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Practice Walking

To walk creates endurance. To improve running stamina and running endurance one should start walking every day. Walking and running both involve the same muscles and strengthen specific groups of muscles that build stamina and make you ready to run. You should start walking as a beginner runner to improve cardiovascular health, increase lung capacity, muscle strength and endurance, strengthen your bones and improve posture and balance. Include at least 30 minutes of walking in your running routine.

As you work towards increasing your stamina on the run, it’s important to remember that it takes time to see improvement. A great place to start is to show up, follow a plan and be consistent with your training.

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