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Top 10 Most Popular American Sports Cars

The concept of sports car racing is fairly evident from the very name. It is a sport in which racers hit the tracks and race each other in cars. The sports cars are small in size, and have tremendous power and speed. They are designed for high performance, but need to be dealt with a […]

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Top 10 Highest Paying Sports in the World

The entertainment industry is one of glitz and glamour, and it is hugely lucrative. Sports, in particular, are very well-paying. The highest paid sports stars are among the richest people in the world. Every year, several lists are published to evaluate the worth of the players. But here we will give you brief details about […]

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Top 10 Most Important Athletes Right Now [2018]

Sports, whether team or individual, give a platform to athletes and sports lovers to come together so that the athletes can entertain the audience with their sporting skills, and their fans can appreciate their prowess. Yes, entertainers have the power to make people smile and to inspire them in more ways than we can comprehend. […]

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Top 10 Female Boxers of All Time [UPDATED 2018]

Boxing Is One Of Most Popular and Highest Paying Sport in The World. Women’s boxing first appeared in a demonstration bout of the Olympic Games in 1904. The rival competition was then pioneered by the Swedish Amateur Boxing Association where they sanctioned boxing events for women in 1988. In 1997, the British Amateur Boxing Association […]

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LeBron James Net Worth 2018 – Full Stats and Figures

LeBron James net worth is quite an intriguing interest for several millions of his fans all over the globe. All the basketball-heads are really curious about a thought that exactly how much does the superstar currently earns? We all know that he is one of the highest paid NBA players of modern times, but very few […]

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Most Watched Sports in the World 2018

Who doesn’t love sports? It is one of the best forms of entertainment and allows you to get rid of stress. It is ideal for every person to be involved in some form of sport, to release tension and stay physically active and fit. And for those who are unable to practice athletic activities themselves, […]

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