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Top 5 Podcast Hosting Sites You Need To Know About

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You are passionate about podcasting you bought podcast microphones, recorded an episode of your show, and on your way to the posting greatness. Now, what’s next? If you are a beginner, probably the most complicated and confusing side of creating a successful show is how to get it out there. There are hundreds of podcasting services, and many of them are very similar, which can be overwhelming and confusing for you to pick the right one.

If you have been around podcasting for quite some time, you must have heard people talking about some famous podcast hosting services. These services include Libsyn, Spreaker, Blubrry, Podiant, PodBean, Simplecast, Buzzsprout, Castos, SoundCloud, and several others. However, opting for the right podcast service can be a little daunting task for you.

This article intends to simplify the process of choosing a reliable and right podcast hosting service for you. From an outline of why you need a podcast host to which and how to pick one, this article will take you through the answers of all your concerns. To learn about them, read till the end!

Why is a Podcast Hosting Service Needed?

One of the many reasons for considering the podcasting service is they leave you worry-free about how your podcast is getting shared and stored. Podcast hosting services are presented primarily for the type of content you will be recording and sharing. Additionally, some built-in features moderate some of the technological aspects of making a podcast.

They also simplify the process of sharing files on social media, adding descriptions, and putting cover art besides the aptitude to share to numerous distributors with RSS feeds. Several podcast hosting services are committed to the podcast community and work robustly to improve their services to meet current trends. Here are our top picks from which you can choose what you feel like is best suited for you.

1. Sports Handicapping

There are thousands of fans in the world who love and listen to sports handicapping podcasts, especially the rj bell podcast with steve fezzik is fan favorite. Steve Fezzik is two times Hilton Super Book Football Champion, and along with others, he puts out the top football picks podcast on the planet. If you are looking for podcasting your sports show, then Sports Handicapping might be the top pick for you.

2. Blubrry

The Powerpress option will allow you for seamless publishing with WordPress websites and their support line where rather than waiting for an email response, you can actually talk to a person. The good news for beginners is that they provide free WordPress website for customers who do not have one.

3. Buzzsprout

This podcast service allows you to host your podcast for free. They also offer an audio transcription service only at $0.10 per minute, which is competitively valued than similar services. However, the free plan will remove your episodes after 90 days.

4. Podiant

It is one of those rare podcast services that offer unlimited storage and bandwidth plus they won’t increase your rates as your listenership and following grow. Additionally, Podiant offers professional plans that consent you to host more than one podcast with a single account providing one-on-one technical support.

5. Libsyn

Libsyn existed before we even knew what about podcasting. They are one of the first and most famous podcast services out there, which allow podcasters of all levels to share and store their content. If the money is your top deciding factor, then this might be suitable for you as their plans begin at only $5/month.

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